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生人勿近之問米 (1999)
Horoscope 1: The Voice from Hell

Reviewed by: White Dragon
Date: 11/16/2005

Psychology student and part-time social worker Jojo (Athena Chu) crosses paths with the vengeful ghost of a mob boss’ (Eric Wan) wife (Pinky Cheung). Her guardian angel comes in the form of wise old medium Aunt Szeto (Helena Law), who goes to bat for her on the spiritual plain.

Without spoiling things, this one harbours a plot device also present in HAUNTED MANSION, and is strong in Taoist mysticism and rituals. Pinky looks good in green (as the ghostly antagonist), as does Athena and the film is an engaging way to kill an hour and a half. Simon Lui cameos as a psychiatrist with the unfortunate moniker “Dr. Lam” (!). Manages to keep one entertained for much of its duration, as well as generates a handful of effectively eerie setpieces, thereby making it above average of its ilk. A great pity that director Steve Cheng never continued work in the horror genre...

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: ksbutterbox
Date: 06/10/2002
Summary: Freaky Fun!

Athena Chu is really good in this one, as well as the rest of the cast. Just enough horror and comedy to make this quite an entertaining yarn. Worth a look.

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 04/17/2002
Summary: Strange

This film is like no other, although there is not a lot to keep the viewer interested, there is something about it that couldn't stop me from watching it. Maybe it was the ghosts!

If you like horror films this one might be worth checking out, but I'm still not quite sure what to make of it. It's certainly not bad though. Don't bother with the sequel though.

Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by: danton
Date: 01/03/2002

I'm not the biggest fan of HK horror movies, but I enjoyed this one. Athena Chu Yan plays a psychology student who volunteers as a social worker looking after an old woman played by Helena Law. The old woman is a psychic, and although Athena is sceptical at first, she agrees to a reading. This sets in motion a series of events that involve a mother/child who died in an apartment fire, their mourning triad husband, and a number of other characters. People start being haunted by ghosts, the lights turn spooky, eerie sounds are heard, and everyone has to scramble to unravel the mystery and save their lives in what turns out to be a case of revenge from the grave.

The movie is very atmospheric, in particular the scenes set in spooky looking apartment building corridors. While not strictly scary, the movie is not played for laughs either. Athena gives a good performance, and Helen Law is fun to watch as Auntie Szeto, the psychic. I found it quite entertaining.

Reviewed by: Fatty
Date: 02/18/2001
Summary: I saw this like a year ago on TV.

Ok I remember seeing this move on TV where I live, I can't remember much of it but I liked it, the ending was weird but cool.

Especially when we see this guy fighting some spirit but gets his ass beat. But after seeing this baby look evil, I knew there was gonna be a sequel, and I was right :)

2/5 If I would've remembered it alot more it would've gotten a 3

This short Review is brought to you by Fatty

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 07/14/2000
Summary: A bit above average

I watched this movie at the best time to watch a horror movie. About 1am in the morning and in the dark by yourself!! The result..........I was scared......for a while!!

Well this movie mixes both comedy and horror(can't they just stick to one genre!!) in it, and parts of the movies it successfully does this!! The first 30 minutes or so did give me the chills but it did not last!!

There are odd parts of humour throughout the movie,including the Alzheimer effected dad with no memory but the FUNNIEST part is to see SIMON LOUI's reaction to seeing a ghost!!

All the actors in this was great!!
ESPECIALLY the father who was so funny!!

All in all, ok, but the ending was a let down (how the defeat the ghost) and they did overuse those greens lights i tell you........

PS. Better than the sequel

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Horoscope 1: The Voice from Hell (1999)

With the heat of horror movies, WONG Jing produced a new series of 'Horoscope' while 'Horoscope 1: The Voice from Hell' is the first series of the movie. One of the attraction is that this movie casts with WAN Tin-chiu, who just won the best actor in ATV TV series in March. They even put such honor in its lobby cards.

The story of 'Horoscope 1: The Voice from Hell' is a story between a murder, a psychiatry student, a aunt and a Cop. Once psychiatry student Jojo (Athena CHU Yan) worked as social worker visiting Aunt Szeto (Helena LAW Lan), she saw a little boy at Flat 643 of Block 6. In fact there is a sad story behind -- a mon (CHEUNG Man-chi) and a child were burnt to death in that fact. The Dad (WAN Tin-chiu) tried to contact Aunt Szeto to get contact with his wife but in vain. However, the spirit of the dead woman seems too angry that she would like to kill WAN by making use of Jojo's body. However things are not as simple as that......

In view of the plot, I think the script writers has done a good job. If you watched the whole movie, you'll find that the story is quite simple and close to the main characters. The movie is presented in a way that you will find the stuff with tension for you to follow. By giving you pieces of stuffs, you have the interest to know what's the story behind the murder of the mon and the child.

For the climate, I think they set it up in a suitable way. The first part of the movie is a mix of relax but with horror. The tone becomes darker and darker until the end. The ending is a bit impressive. However, I can't spoil the movie but you may also find it impressive.

In terms of performance, it seems that Athena is able to act as what the movie is expected. Athena is a bit double-character in the movie which can be a bit hard but she manages to act. In addition, Helena LAW Lan, YUEN King-dan, Spencer LAM Sheung-yee and Simon LOUI Yue-yeung can act in their ways to add values to the movie. I think Spencer LAM has done a good job by acting as an old guy with bad memories. His character is funny and created lauhters.

For WAN Tin-chiu, one of their focus cast, I think Steve gives him some opportunity to show his acting. I consider his performance is good. However, I expect he can be in more scenes to have more show off. For CHIN Ka-lok, he acts as a cop who would like to date Jojo. His performance is okay, but a bit stereotyped.

On the whole, 'Horoscope 1: The Voice from the Hell' is a movie with typical background but in a good presentation. The overall performance of performers are above standard. It's a movies that is not great, but still above average.