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護花情迷 (1999)
My Wife's Bodyguard

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: My Wife's Bodyguard (1999)

After three movies directed by KO Fei ('Hitman's Call' and 'Royal Sperm'). Kam Sing Tong circuit started showing movie directed by director LAU Chun-fai (but strangely that they show the credit as 'LAU Fai' in the movie. The first movie showing directed by LAU Chun-fai is 'My Wife's Bodyguard', with lots of unknown cast.

The story of 'My Wife's Bodyguard' (1999) is the most typical and common type. Mr. NG is too busy to take care of his wife. After being shoot, NG decided to employ a bodyguard to protect his wife's safety. Subsequently what you can expect is that Mrs. NG is fallen in love with the bodyguard, and then such relationship is being observed by Mr. NG and hence for the revenge by killing both the bodyguard as well as Mrs. NG.

Once again, it is very interesting to see Kam Sing Tong circuit showing all movies with broken link between the main plot and the making love scene. Unlike the previous three movies, this time we have larger proportion on love scenes. Frankly speaking, these scenes were performed badly. I can't find a reason to see the love scene with guys in their 30s and 40s. If you expect for skills, I strongly recommend you to see the real X-rated movie.

Concerning about the main plot, it is also strange. The first ten minute is about two cops trying to catch a thief. Unfortunately these cops are not too related to the movie until the end. The main Bodyguard and Mrs. NG scenes were making love, from time to time. However, the editing is so bad that what you see on the scenes are unrelated heading and ending in between. Sigh!

I consider even though they would like to present the erotic aspect between the relationship of a wife and a bodyguard, at least they should try to present some of the necessary linkage like how they buy condoms in department stores. This can be also funny if you talk about they make love afterwards. I consider they should also put more efforts in make love scenes to make it much more interesting.

In terms of performance, I regret to say that there is no way for them to showing their acting at all. All of the stuffs seems to be irrelevant to the main plot while the performance of the cops are also too typical. One thing I can't believe is that they claim it happened in Hong Kong.

Anyway, I think 'My Wife's Bodyguard' can be one of the movies I regret to see in the year 1999.