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親蜜情人之無限誘惑 (1999)
Temptation of an Angel

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Temptation of an Angel (1999)

It seems that BIG-Mandarin has become a Category III circuit by showing lots of category III movies like 'Iron Sister' and 'Snake Beauty'. This time, they show 'Temptation of an Angel' focusing on YUK Fong, who will be cast in summer hit 'The Conman in Vegas' this summer. This movie also casts with Emily KWAN Bo-wai who has been in such type of movies since the lower half of 1998.

The story of 'Temptation of an Angel' started with the self-dialogue of Angel (YUK Fong), who has been in love with an advertisement director Ka-fai (CHOW Man-kin). They maintained a very good relationship for a long time. Once upon a time, she met Roy (CHOW Siu-lung) accidently. She followed Roy and found that Roy is a trainer in fitness centre. She started being fallen in love with Roy. However, she feels there is a great conflict between the love of Ka-fai. Her passion, her minds and her feelings has made her highly erotic. She found that the deeper she falls in love with Roy and Ka-fai, the more sins she has got. Finally, she has to make a choice ......

After you watched the movie, you will find that the movie is quite inconsistant. I understand that they would like to try to present Angel as a sentimental girl with a sweet heart and try to show her emotions and erotic behavious are not in her minds. However, when they present the scenes, you will find that such plot cannot work probably in 'Temptation of an Angel'. For example, for the first half of the movie, it is not difficult for you to find the love scene one by one between Angel and Roy and Angel and Ka-fai. I prefer them to made a pure erotic movie which can give them more freedom rather than the product trying to make a feeling which in impossible to make.

In terms of the whole plot, I consider that it's a bit pale. Maybe the movie can be a bit better if they can put some more description on the love between Roy and Angel in other aspects in addition to their fucking. Now what we can see is that YUK has been a pure erotic girl who wants to make love with men all the time. Unfortunately, it seems that they do not have much variety of the love scenes. In fact, I consider they can make use of the jean shop and the fitness centre to make the love scenes to be much more interesting.

The latter half part of the movie tries to show the conflict between Roy and Ka-fai and how they view about Angel. This part is okay, though a bit very typical. However, this would also make the movie a bit inconsistant as the first part is so unlinked and erotic.

In terms of performance, it seems that the main love scene focuses on CHOW Siu-lung while CHOW has less chance to act.

On the whole, 'Temptation of an Angel' is an erotic movie, but the tone and the package of the movie has made you feel a bit uncomfortable for watching. You may prefer them to take the coating off.