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勾魂惡夢 (1999)
Erotic Nightmare

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 03/07/2002
Summary: Pretty good actually!!

Now hk horror movies are never or rarely scary, and this is no exception. But the movie does have a good thriller element to the first part to the movie. The second part is a fight between wizard and wizard. Almost like these 2 parts are like seperate movies.

But the movie does well in what it is trying to do. Anthony Wong does well, but the mian villian is a nasty piece of work.

The first part is pretty bloody. The sex scenes are ok with it being more erotic and fantasy school girl stuff than just plain sex.

Worth a look


Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 04/04/2000
Summary: Sex and black magic make a fun 90 minutes.

[1999 was a good year.] Anthony Wong plays a wealthy business man who has trouble with nocturnal emissions brought on by highly charged sexual dreams. These dreams are affecting his daily routines in both
personal and professional matters. One day, he meets a modern-day monk with magical powers. The monk uses his mystical powers to influence Wong's dreams, sending him a sexy girl, newcomer Kei Heung, to satisfy his fantasies.

Erotic Nightmare is a film that has a structure like the great Alfred Hicthcock's Pyscho. The first part of the film revolves around the Anthony Wong character as he spirals down into madness and murder under the magic man's influence. Half way through the film, the focus shifts from Wongs character to the revenge of Wong's long lost brother and the liberation of the evil monk's wife. The wife is played by rising new HK star, Pinky Cheung. She gives her best performance yet as the long suffering victim of spousal abuse who, ultimately, is liberated and has her own devastating revenge.

The dream sequences of the first half are very erotic, revolving around young women in school uniforms doing jumping jacks and bending over to touch their toes. The eroticism turns nightmarish quickly and the gruesomeness of the second half of the film is sure to offend some Western viewers.

Français: Les ordres rêveurs de la première moitié sont très érotiques, tournant autour de jeunes femmes dans des uniformes d'école faisant les pantins et se pliant plus de pour toucher leurs orteils. L'eroticism tourne cauchemardesque rapidement et l'horreur de la deuxième moitié du film est sûre d'offenser quelques téléspectateurs occidentaux.

Español: Las secuencias ideales de la primera mitad son muy eróticas, girando alrededor de mujeres jóvenes en los uniformes de la escuela que hacen gatos que saltan y que se doblan encima para tocar sus dedos del pie. El eroticism da vuelta al nightmarish rápidamente y el horror de la segunda mitad de la película es seguro ofender a algunos espectadores occidentales.

copyright 2000 j.crawford

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Erotic Nightmare (1999)

It seems to be a bit tired that we have so many Category III Hong Kong movies showing in these days. 'Erotic Nightmare' is the latest one putting KEI Heung, the sex object, as the selling point and featuring Antony WONG -- the current Best Actor in HKFA.

'Erotic Nightmare' is a movie about the nightmare in dreams. Anthony WONG, a rich guy holding a middle-sized firm met a monk PAK Sap-fong who offers him a erotic dream. Anthony WONG was addicted in the dream by falling in love with the student TAI Bo-bo (KEI Heung) in the dream. However, such dream is the tools for PAK's conspiracy. Everytime when WONG met TAI, his love will die. First time his dog, followed by his mon and even his wife...... On the other hand, Pinky CHEUNG acts as the wife of PAK who has been controlled by PAK. With the encouragement of WAN Tin-chiu, Anthony WONG's brother, CHEUNG starts her struggle agaist the control of PAK.

By the title, the movie should be erotic. It may be a bit surprised for the first five minutes as you will find Anthony WONG makes love with 2 girls in a private clinic and the girls ask WONG to help them to 'detect the temperature' with his Dick! With the cinematograpy intended to show the underware taking an angle from the bottom to the top, it looks like it would be presented like a porn.

For the first part of the movie, it is also not difficult to find similiar scenes while WONG is in his dream. Though putting WONG is a role as a P.E. class teacher is very common in porns, these scenes are very erotic, which suits the first part of the film title.

How about the nightmare? I think maybe 'Erotic Nightmare' puts lots of contents in presenting the erotic part, 'Nightmare' looks like a form to present the dream rather than making you scare. If you look for something horrorible, definitely you will be disappointed. I consider that the movie can be both erotic and horrible if the plot can be with more variety in presenting the scenes between WONG and TAI Bo-bo while putting more horror elements in the first few times of the dreams.

For the part with WAN Tin-chiu and Pinky CHEUNG, I am sorry to say that it's typical, too typical that most of them can be predicted without difficulty. It seems that there is not enough atmosphere for both CHEUNG and WAN to act while there is also lack of role for WAN to play. It is supposed that WAN should be at a position to fight against PAK but presented in a way that is pale. It is a bit ridicious to see they skip the most important part on how WAN treat with PAK's TAI Bo-bo.

Another interesting thing you may note in the plot is that the first part with Anthony WONG is quite disconnected to the second part with WAN Tin-chiu. This seems make it hard to believe the relationship between WONG and WAN are brothers in the movie. Though their relationship can be pale, a brief description and elaboration is still necessary or it makes a bit weird.

In short, 'Erotic Nightmare' is erotic enough. If you look for a erotic movie, probably it is one of the choices for you in these days. If you look for horror, I am afraid 'Erotic Nightmare' is not in your expectation.