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嬌妻四艷鬼 (1994)
Four Beautiful Amorous Ghost

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 07/04/2001
Summary: Surreal period porn

For one minute before the credits appear, the subtitles outline the legend : a place where evil fairies set a trap for men. The bait includes piles of precious jewels and nubile naked nymphets. After this, it's a little hard to follow, because the subtitles finish !
A lusty wandering scholar (Charlie Cho) is the first to be drawn in by the evil sisters, who alternate between showing off their bodies and calling up other fairies to keep Charlie horizontally occupied. A couple of other old taoist priests battle the fairies. There's also a snake collector, who isn't fooled.
Although a fairly cheap production, the acres of colourful flowing silks made this one a pure joy to watch. The voluminous nudity is mostly very pleasing, though occasionally dull.
For a movie of this genre, it runs a bit too long, but certainly worth a look.

Although released this year, I would guess the production to be around 1992/3.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Snake Beauty (1999)

Sometimes, a movie can be released in a sudden. While we expect that BIG-Mandarin should be happy with their 'Moonlight Express' featuring Leslie CHEUNG and releasing with Golden Harvest and BIG-Mandarin, they put 'Snake Beauty' after 2 weeks' of showing 'Moonlight Express' in some theatres under BIG-Mandarin circuit. It seems to be something that is hard to understand.

The story of 'Snake Beauty' is based on a legend. Once upon a time there are two snakes CHOW Wan and TSUI Man-wah, both are sisters. They tried to get the accumulation to become human beings by getting the souls of men who are just looking for sex. They set a trap with lots of treasures around and a climent like a paradise. Lots of men were in trap. On the other hand, there are some guys who would like to kill these two snakes but in vein.

Based on the casting, probably you can expect what should be inside 'Snake Beauty' -- tons and tons and tons of love scenes between the two actress and various actors like CHO Cha-lei and YUNG Sai-kit. For the scenes you can't see the men, you will found that the two actress and trying too drag off themselves. More than two-third of the context were about sex and sex scenes. It's very erotic.

Unfortunately, the whole movie has no plot at all. Probably for such type of movies, the plot may not be the real plot but to make the love scenes between actors and actresses more sensible.

Frankly speaking, I can't find the love scenes fun from 'Snake Beauty'. Maybe they forget that a pure love scene cannot draw audience attraction. They have to put up other stuffs like laughters and thrillers in order to make it concrete. Or they should make up with very high skills. 'Snake Beauty' seems to be failed in all these three aspects.

The pace of the whole movie is also too slow. Love scenes are annoying, non-love scenes are boring. It seems to be a miracle if you can concentrate the whole movie from the beginning to the end. I regret to say that I cannot find any reason for you to watch 'Snake Beauty' as you can get other much better choices.