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O記三合會檔案 (1999)
The H.K. Triad

Reviewed by: Anticlimacus
Date: 06/09/2008
Summary: One of the Worst

Lau Ching Wan and Francis Ng star in this horrendous crime drama. The script was written by Wong Jing, so there’s no surprise that both the dialogue and overall writing are beyond awful. Lau and Francis have absolutely nothing to work with here. The score is atrocious and almost every single scene is badly conceived. The romantic elements are all ludicrous, seemingly employing the maturity levels of high school kids for all of the characters. This must be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Another feather in Wong Jing’s crap hat. It’s frightening to know that this no-talent idiot can still destroy movies even when he’s not directing them. I already check the directing credits on every single Hong Kong movie I rent to make sure he's not the director. Now I have to check the writing credits to make sure he didn't write it.

I have no idea how Wong Jing has had his filthy little hands in so many movies when he's exhibited no talent whatsoever in anything he's ever done. He can't direct. He can't write. What exactly can this guy actually do well? Whatever it is, I certainly haven't seen it.

Reviewer Score: 1

Reviewed by: danton
Date: 01/03/2002

The movie introduces an old age Lau Ching Wan as a former Triad kingpin being interviewed by the police in present day HK. Trying to explain to them what the triads are really about, he begins to reminisce about his youth and especially about how he became what he is. The whole movie in essence is a long flashback in which he tells his story: In the HK of the sixties, Lau Ching Wan and Francis Ng are best friends trying to make something out of themselves. LCW rises through the ranks of the triads, while Francis becomes a corrupt cop in cahoots with his criminal buddie. Athena Chu stars as the love interest involved in a complicated relationship with both of them, and Diana Pang Dan plays a gangster moll who ends up marrying LCW's character. In the end, events lead to a final confrontation forcing them to question their loyalties to each other.

The film alters between being a nostalgic look at a bygone era, complete with a lounge music style soundtrack and lots of petticoats, and on the other hand at times a quite brutal look at triad life. The level of violence is pretty disturbing, and at least in my eyes it marred what otherwise would have been a fairly enjoyable character study (even though Francis does indulge in his tendency to overact). Thematically, I would compare the movie to Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone and Once Upon a time in Triad Society (both of which are better movies), but this one certainly has its moments too.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 07/10/2000
Summary: Very average!!

Firstly, i am not too sure why this is a CAt 3 movie!! I didn't think there was enough violence to be rated this!!

Lau Ching Wan character makes you think "friends like these,who needs enemies!!" You feel sorry For Francis Ng's character who takes the BLAME for Lau Ching Wan yet they are still friends?? If i was Ng, i would of kicked his ass a long time ago!! The things that Ng's goes through and puts up with is ridiculous!! They speak about loyality in the triad's but this goes only one way!!

I found this movie very average with nothing new here at all!! Killing triad bosses seems simple enough too and solving problems in this movie is a bit too easy!!


Reviewed by: TequilaYuen
Date: 06/11/2000
Summary: Quite A Suprise.

I saw this film at a film festival which has midnight screenings of Hk movies. I
was there for the Chow Yun Fat film festival, but the last film was cancelled. No one was told. I sat down and almost died when the film wasn't 'Peace Hotel'.

However, I had paid my eight bucks. I also was intrigued by seeing a Hk film i new nothing about. I was pleasantly suprised. The film was no masterpiece, but it was a lot of fun. It was penned by Wong Jing, so it was the everything-but-the-kitchensink approach, but it was fun. It went from a suspense thriller, to chop socky action, to gun-fu ultraviolence, to late fiftes nostalgia, to love story all in an hour in a half. Quite a feat.

All of this under the avid eye of Clarence Fok, it all seemed to work. The story involves Wan and Ng and their joining of the Triad as Teenagers in 50's Hk, then the two split for life when one becomes a cop.

The script can get extremely corny, and so can the violence, but there is a fun in this film that exists in most Hk films such as the 'Heroic Trio' and 'Wicked City', although i would put a little more merit in this film than those, the cheese factor is a little less.

Overall, a pleasant suprise. Good acting from Wan (the asian Benicio DelToro!), great direction by Fok, and a spastick script from Jing.

Reviewed by: MilesC
Date: 12/12/1999

Not a bad movie, but not exactly great, either. The first half is marred somewhat by an over-abundance of English-language songs; Clarence Fok seems to think that a constant stream of oldies is all that's necessary to make another "Goodfellas." Unfortunately, the first half focuses far too much on the romantic exploits of Lau and Ng, which I suspect is not the what the audience for this sort of movie wants to see. The brutality quotient is upped considerably in the second half, however, which is, I'm somewhat ashamed to say, a rather exciting stream of beatings and tortures. The jury's still out on this one- I bought it blind, and have only watched it once- but I'm going to call it pretty good. Not one of Lau Ching-Wan's better recent efforts, but certainly not a complete throwaway.

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: H.K. Triad, The (1999)

It is not the first time for triad type movies. In the past few years we've been annoyed by 'Young and Dangerous' series. However, 'The H.K. Triad' is not about triad nowadays but about triads in 60s, before the formation of Independet Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Together with the casting LAU Ching-wan and Francis NG Chun-yue, it seems to be the most attractive movie for the movie next to the Chinese New Year.

'The H.K. Triad' starts with CHAN Chi-ho (LAU Ching Wan) in middle age as a guest speaker for a seminar about triad society. Then Ho mentioned the days of being in society in 60s. At that time Ho and Lok (Francis NG Chun-yue) were born and grew up in Kowloon City in late 50s where was place that police didn't care. Having introduced by their Uncle (Spencer LAM Sheung-yee), they started their days in Kowloon City. Finally Ho joins the triad society while Lok joined the RHKPF. At the same time, the movie also covers the love between Ho, Lok and two girls, Ying (Diana PANG Dan), the sister-in-law of Master Bo (LEE Siu-kei), the most powerful person in Kowloon City and FeiFei (Athena CHU).

In terms of the plot, it seems that WONG Jing's script is very fruitful and calculated by putting lots of stuffs like the love between the casts as well as how Ho and Lok is pumped up. In terms of the love, it seems that the movie is presented in fragments. I consider it okay in presenting the relationship between Feifei, Ho and Lok. However, for Ying, I consider it would be nice if they can put more contexts about the relationship between Ho and Ying. Now we know the relationship is in terms of loyalty rather than love. However, I consider the relationship can be more clear, especially when it turns to the end.

For the plot about Triad Society, it is understand that there should be plenty of context for filming as it covers a long period of time as well as lots of incidents happened. Maybe it seems to be too much to present, now the movie is okay in presenting the facts happening to the main casts like Master Bo, Lok, Ho and Sergeant Tam. I consider if the contexts can be longer and foucing more on several aspects, like how loyal the triad society is, I consider it would be more for audience to get after the show.

In terms of performance, I think due to the loosely packed scripts, both LAU Ching-wan and Francis NG Chun-yue can have more input to act which has upgraded the overall performance a lot. In fact, the performance of both of them are good. LAU Ching-wan is able to show the multi-dimensions of the characters to different parties. For example, he shows respect to Master Bo, his firmness to Ying and naughty to Fei-fei.

For Francis NG, audience can feel the stage of changing for the character of Lok. At first Lok is a straight guy while he changed his minds once he get married. The change of situation is quite obvious while NG can pick up the contradiction of the character.

For other casting, I consider Athena and LEE Siu-kei is a bit stereotyped in this movie. It's okay but not a great surprise.

In short, 'THe H.K. Triad' has got very good actors like Francis NG and LAU Ching-wan and they shows their acting in the movie. However, I consider the movie can be better if there is a focus for the movie and with more scenes which can bring more impressions among audience after the show.