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Sealed with a Kiss

Reviewed by: i am b
Date: 01/06/2003
Summary: ending ruined it all

i was a bit disappointed when Louis was mute in this film, but nonetheless, he was still good. it would have been better if something actually happened between Louis' and Yo-Yo's characters because they did share a few sweet scenes (like when he washed her hair with bottled mineral water). the ending disappointed me because it just didnt seem reasonable and mainly because Louis will never get to be with the girl he is in love with from the summer..good background music, by the way.

Reviewed by: Stardust
Date: 05/09/2002
Summary: Needs A Little Polishing

It is nice to see a quiet and original movie like this in Hong Kong; a fresh change compared to all those ganster/cop movies. The storyline is decent, but needs a little polishing with the ending and the characters.

Starting with the characters, I don't know if it's the actors or if it's the screenplay itself that is the problem. Louis Koo plays a mute owner of an inn and Yoyo Mung is his customer and crush. A fresh change for Louis, but nothing new for Yoyo. When it comes to the love part between them, I found it hard to sympathize either of the characters: Yoyo seems too self absorbed and shallow...being able to complain about being dumped, yet able to move on to another fling immediately. Louis is great as a mute, but his obsession with pleasing Yoyo by forcing her crush to go after her doesn't win viewers' support. What's worse is that he is still scared to confess his love for her after she expressed her willingness to give their relationship a chance. As for the other characters, there is too little development.

The story itself is decent, with an appropriate setting. However, the ending just killed my original impression that I build up during the movie. It's not a bad ending, but it could've been more realistic and less traumatic. A sad ending doesn't need to be traumatic in order to be good.

Rating: 7/10

Interesting note: if a person is mute, would you be able to hear him scream?

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: addy
Date: 03/26/2002
Summary: A sad but beautiful fairy story

It's a unusual film, very different from those of Hollywood style. I'm deeply touched by the sense of freshness and originality of this Hong Kong movie. Although I don't really like the script, the director has done an excellent job. There isn't one dragging moment of the film -all precise and meaningful. Louis koo did a good job portraying a mute, naive and crude village boy. However, I think he is too handsome for this role. And as a result, the uncourageous and regretful love story between the two lovers seems to make no sense.

Reviewed by: future113
Date: 06/11/2001
Summary: Just like Life, it's tragic

This movie is about a mute person(Kam Shui) who falls in love with Mandy (Yoyo Mung) but is too scared to tell her that he loves her. During the movie several other love triangles occur that makes the movie all tangled up. I liked the character 'Angel' and wished the movie could of developed more of her story. Mandy was ok though as a viewer you wonder how much 'love' she has for Kam Shui. The ending of this movie is surprising but fits well with life.
In summary, this is a good movie with a tragic and memorable ending. It only goes to show, if you love somebody you should let them know before it's too late.
I rate it: 4.1 out of 5.

Reviewed by: Yellow Hammer
Date: 05/10/2001

The movie is about Kam Shui (Louis Koo), a mute person who lives and has an inn on Peng Chau island off of Hong Kong, his relationship with his tomboy buddy Angel (Su Au), and the girl that he meets (Mandy, played by Yoyo Mung) in his inn. She is trying to get away from a broken relationship by temporarily staying on this island. They meet while Kam Shui accidentally presses the play button on the tape recorder to the song Sealed With a Kiss. A nice and well-directed drama, but with an ending that probably wasn't necessary and certainly not expected. Has the Johnny To signature fast-forwarding and freeze-frame effects in the movie at many points in the movie.

Some observations: Yoyo Mung sure looks like a cross between Maggie Cheung and Michelle Reis. $250HK for that room she was in is not bad, has a great view, wish I could find this place.

Reviewed by: GenXcops_Jack
Date: 05/04/2001
Summary: great until the end

the ending was dumb and didnt' make sense in view on the continium. i thought it ways made sad in an attempt to be profound but it made the prior part of the film meaningless. what was gained through their love ended with something unrelated and dumb.

Reviewed by: sharon
Date: 11/17/2000

Sealed with a Kiss is a romantic movie with several twists and turns that makes it different then the typical romantic movie. The love triangle in the movie soon turns out to be somewhat like an pentagon.. I've lost count. This makes the movie interesting, since it's all too common now to see a love triangle that comes to the same cobnclusion. This movie is a memorable one.

How is this memorable? I liked the sort-of-dark mood and atmosphere of the movie dripped over the sad stories of the characters themselves. Along with the variety of camera shots, it was really something refreshing to come along in terms of romantic movies in 1999. The performances given by Louis Koo who plays "Gum Shui", a mute orphan who runs a motel/bar with him and his friend after his guardian left. I was surprised to see how well he did with his role. It was great!!! There's more to Louis Koo then the usual cop/gangster movies! The actress who played Koo's friend, was very good as well. Then there was Yoyo Mung, "Mun Mun". Her role was a bit complicated for her to handle. Her character is going through heart-break and sorrow, and although Mung tried... something was obviously missing. She was something bland.. and I only wished that the movie had explored the other charcters instead.

The ending to this one movie is definetly something that has came out of the blue. No one would of ever suspected it!! Now was the ending appropriate for the movie? I don't really think so....the movie was powerful in a sense, and it built up a lot of emotions, but the ending doesn't support it. The ending was a surprise and I can't really make a clear connection.

Overall, this movie is good..but the ending really didn't meet the potential of the viewer.

(The catchy romantic melody in the movie was "Sealed with a Kiss" by Gary Lewis's very good!)

Reviewed by: MilesC
Date: 02/04/2000
Summary: Fairly enjoyable, and then...

Most of this movie is an unusual love story with some unusual camerawork and storytelling. Enjoyable in a low key kind of way. Then there's the ending, which makes Milkyways earlier Expect the Unexpected look predictable. Honestly, the ending couldn't have been much more surprising if the last shot had been Yoyo being hit by a bus. Just like ETU, I expect the ending will produce a wide variety of reactions in different viewers. Some people will feel like they've been kicked in the head, others will feel cheated... In both films, however, the ending was what really set them apart in my mind. This isn't my favorite kind of movie, but I recommend it and expect it'll land itself a modest spot on my best of '99 list if I ever formulate one.

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Sealed with A Kiss (1999)

Taking a look at the movies done by Milkyway Image Production, all of them are bullet ballets. Just this year, so far we have 'Where a Good Man Goes', 'Running Out of Time' and 'The Mission'. Now Milkyway Image Production has done their first romantic movie, 'Sealed with a Kiss'. The casting of their first romantic movie is also interesting -- Yoyo MUNG Ka-wai, who has been in several Milkyway productions, and Louis KOO Tin-lok, who has played a number of triad members this year.

The story happens in a Hong Kong Outlet Island, Ping Chau. Kam-shui (Louis KOO Tin-lok) lost his hearing after suffering from a fever as a child. His Dad was dead while his Mom neglected him. He is taken care of by his neighbours. Now Kam Shui is in his 20s. He always teams with Angel (Sue AU Suk-ching), running around without anything to do. They own a store with rooms for rent. One day, Judy (Yoyo MUNG Ka-wai) rents a room in order to settle her feelings after she breaking up with her boyfriend. Kam-shui seems very interested in Judy but Judy has her new target -- newly transferred fireman (WONG Ho-yin). Though Kam-shui feels bad about it, he still decides to help Judy win her new boyfriend. At the same time, Kam-shui doesn't realise that Angel loves him......

'Sealed with a Kiss' is a romantic story, but not a typical one. Hence, don't expect something like 'Comrades, almost a Love Story'. The whole movie focuses more on the feelings of Yoyo MUNG Ka-wai. If you look for a normal romantic movie, this one is not for you as it has different way to present the whole movie.

Milkyway Image Productions tried to lighten their style since 'Where a Good Man Goes'. When compared with 'Running Out of Time', 'Sealed with a Kiss' is more obvious in showing the style of Milkyway Image Productions. The marking made by Judy on the roof of Kam-shui's home shows a very complicated idea of love and heartbreak.

However, the ending of the story is too sudden, and audiences will find it hard to accept. This time the ending is even more sudden than that for 'Expect the Unexpected', which makes the audience feel bad when leaving the theatre. I don't know if this is the purpose of Milkyway Image Productions. However, I don't think this should be the case as they have shown its style.

The performance of the three main characters in the movie -- Louis KOO Tin-lok, Yoyo MUNG Ka-wai and Sue AU Suk-ching -- are good. Louis KOO Tin-lok, who has been in lots of movies this year as a triad member, has improved his acting'. In the movie, his character is energetic and optimistic and he is able to show it well.

Yoyo MUNG Ka-wai acts as a girl suffering from a broken heart. Part of her character is very close to what she has done in 'Running Out of Time'. This time her role is in more realistic details. She shows what a woman wants -- she wants a happy ending in which her boyfriend will come back, though she knows that this would hardly happen.

Sue AU Suk-ching, another new actress who appears as Angel is outstanding. Though sometimes her dialogue is over-acted, her energy gives audience a remarkable impression.

In short, 'Sealed with a Kiss' is not a typical love story but a movie that focuses on the feeling of a broken heart. The performances of actors and actresses are good. However, the sudden ending is hard for audiences to accept.