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渡假屋偷窺事件 (1999)

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Snooper (1999)

Winners has developed a series of movies by a group of directors. The movies directed by CHAN Siu-hung and HO Kam-tsan are a series about detectives Manic and Mei-heung. Now they have a new movie, 'Snooper.'

'Snooper' is a about the death of a couple (TIN Ho-nam and CHOW Chi-fa) who own a resort. Their business is in renting rooms in a resort, on a outlet island. However, they have another objective. They put up small view cams in these rooms to tape the love making by the customers. They use these tapes to blackmail the clients. Chi-fa's friend Mei-heung and Manic decide to invesitgate the case. During their investigation, they find that Triad head, Pao, is the suspect. But, they don't know that the real story is much more complicated....

Of the directors for Winners films, CHAN Siu-hung and HO Kam-tsan usually helm relatively better quality productions. Unfortunately, 'Snoopers' is their worst effort.

The first half of the movie is just tons and tons of love-making scenes. After you see Mei-heung help Chi-fa to buy dozens of condoms, you have tons of love-making scenes, almost 40 minutes! In view of the nature of the movie, 'Snooper' should have some erotic stuff, but the 40 minutes are not erotic enough. Although it looks totally unrelated to the rest of the movie. The love scenes are not fantastic. You and your partner can do better!

Besides the pointless love scenes, the way they are presented is also strange. They put up a screen in black, only giving you two portal-like circles to view the love scenes . Maybe they are trying to give you that feeling of being voyeuristic. However, the audience is not so dumb as to believe it. Such a presentation only shows how poorly they handle such stuff.

The investigation proceeds too smoothly. Most of the time, they are too fortunate enpough to receive help from Officer Wai. This makes the whole process boring. At least there could have been more fluctations to make it more interesting.

The ending of the movie is total crap. The ending is such that the whole movie could have been finished 20 minutes before the actual end. The end of 'Snooper' also lets you know how poorly they presented the whole story.

'Snooper' is one of the worst Winners productions. They poorly present the story; jam up to 40 minutes of love-making scenes as filler; and provide a case investigation that is not at all convincing. This will be one of the movies I regret having seen this year.