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偉哥的故事 (1998)
Mr. Wai-go

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/01/1999
Summary: Mr. Wai-go (1998)

Before the gala premiere, the English title of 'Mr. Wai-go' is 'Mr. Viagra'. However, BOB received a warning letter about the consequences of the adoption of the name which bends the image, they change the name for the Chinese translation one.

'Mr. Wai-go' is a movie with two main character -- Viagra (Eric TSANG Chi-wai) and WONG King-chau (Anthony WONG Chau-san). TSANG is a resident in a village in New Territories who can't erect for a long time. The arrival of Bobo (CHEUNG Wai-yee) gives him imagaination which enables him to erect again by having sex phone line with Bobo. He told his story in a radio phone-in program while WONG is the guest on that day. This brings to the second story. WONG is a porn film actor who has made love with lots of girls. However, he find that he can't react when acting. At the same time, he is invited to be featured in a movie with a famous AV girl Susie Bomb. He found that he can do it only with his wife Tenie (YUEN King-dan). WONG's father (LAM Sheung-yee) is at the age retirement but he can still do but his wife (LAW Lan) has no interest in making love. WONG's father received a bottle of Viagra as his birthday gift which brings him troubles.

By nature, 'Mr. Wai-go' is a sex comedy. Aman CHAUNG and the script writer try to put it more like a comedy but putting lots of punch lines in the movie. The overall performance in this area is average. Some of them works well. Like the way for WONG to make love with Susie Bomb. However, most of the gaps are a bit too typical. You laughs like a reflex action as you predict something will happen and you will laugh. But it's still entertaining if you are not too demanding. Some of the ideas are taken from Woody Allen's movies by putting the dialogues of sperms. But it still works in the movie.

'Mr. Wai-go' is a movie based on the affairs by Viagra, WONG King-chau and Wong's Dad. The movie tried to put the discussions on sex and being able to sex or not. However, since they put the focus on comedies Sometimes they can't make good use of the plot for further discussions. For example, when friends of Wong's Dad give him a bottle of Viagra as his birthday gift and when Wong's Dad struggled for taking it or not, it's a good time for more discussion if they can put some young characters in between. But it seems that they don't have enough context to elaborate as the crew need to balance the three stories in the movie. This may be a kind of trade off.

In terms of perormance, Anthony Wong is good in the movie. The plot may help him a bit as there's a bit contrast between his success in porn industry and fear of failure when having love scene with Susie Bomb. Together with good performance with side characters like LAW Lan and YUEN King-dan, it makes Wong's story is the best one among the three.

On the whole, I think 'Mr. Wai-go' is a sex comedy which emphasizes on comedy rather than discussions of sex issues. Gags are a bit too typical but it still works. Performance of Anthony Wong and Eric Tsang is still good. This is one of the best movie among the four opening this week.