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面青青有排驚 (1998)
Faces of Horror

Reviewed by: tim
Date: 12/26/1999
Summary: Few faces of horror

Three less-than-scary horror tales are introduced by Elvis Tsui. In the mediocre first story, a bunch of teens fall into supernatural trouble when one of them disrespects the dead and others go to spooky places they shouldn't go to. In the dull second tale, driver Carrie Ng knocks down a workman in the street and the ghost seeks appropriate revenge. After she consults an old woman (Helena Law as Granny Lung), Carrie somehow winds up with an annoying child ghost hanging around the house. For part three, Roy Cheung ditches his mainland girlfriend (Annie Wu), and she promptly tops herself and her child. She gets back at cheating Roy back in HK after he doesn't provide soul plates for her and the kid. All three stories are bound together in a de facto way - they're all equally poorly made! The third story is the pick of the bunch at best, but the film as a whole isn't worth the price of admission.