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玉女聊齋 (1998)
Chinese Erotic Ghost Story

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 12/03/2001
Summary: Frustrating

I could have said slapdash, awful, muddled, even bad. But I think this film is more a case of wasted potential.

The most prominent waste was the incredible failure to show the luscious Chung Chun fully naked. Surely the few people who would have been interested in this film would look forward to this. But no, Jane (now Jessica) Chung flashes only her bosoms, nice as they are.

Compounding the problem, the only girl who flashes the fuzz is the fairly obscure Karen Yeung.

Other problems are the lead actor, a ferret-faced irritating nitwit, who has eserved not been given any more leading roles. The majority of the screen time focusses on him and his dick (played by Roland Wong). With such a cast of lovely young girls (who, unfortunately, are virtually all lookalikes), what a waste to spend so much time on a couple of stupid guys !

For a Cat III fleshpic, there's not enough flesh, and you gotta be patient. After a few flashes of tit, it is a full 49 minutes before Karen Yeung briefly poses her puss in a short but fairly steamy sex scene. Then, you gotta wait till the 77 minute mark, near the end, for the other brief frontal flash.

On the upside (yes, there is some good news), the girls are lovely, the photography is gorgeous and first class, and Roland Wong Ban is quite amusing at times.

The script is even more lacking in originality than even the average porn, mostly consisting of nicked items from Sex And Zen, arranged more or less at random. And director Dick Cho doesn't appear to have been paying much attention.

But there is one big plus to this film. There is a terrific Taiwanese bit-part actor named Cho Boon Feng. I love this guy, a big bald wild ham, and consider him to be Taiwan's answer to Tsui Kam KOng. Well, this is a film (possibly the only one) where these two great baldies appear together.

In short, not too bad if you're bored. ANd it has a moral at the end - be happy with what you have. (Aaaaw shucks...)

Reviewer Score: 4