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生死戀 (1998)
Love & Let Love!

Reviewed by: Yinique
Date: 07/03/2003
Summary: Watered down melodrama

This is basically a remake (okay, rip-off) of Anthony Minghella's film "Truly, Madly, Deeply". However, it has none of the charm or character dynamics of the former.

Theresa Lee is in the role of the widow (not quite in this case as they never got married) and Julian Cheung is the deceased boyfriend. I could feel absolutely no chemistry between them. Their relationship before Julian's death is unconvincing (they do nothing but argue up until the fatal car crash) and feels contrived after he comes back.

Theresa has none of the spark fans have come to know her for, which is not her fault since she was given such a flat character to play. She's morose and listless through-out. The premise of the story is a beautiful and meaningful one about letting go and moving on, but here it is watered down and the characters are never fleshed out enough for the viewer to care about them.

Reviewer Score: 3