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陰陽路之升棺發財 (1998)
Troublesome Night 3

Reviewed by: JohnR
Date: 07/01/2007
Summary: Good ghost movie

The review below by Grimes sums everything up nicely. I'll just add that the three segments are put together seamlessly. You don't know you're watching vignettes until you're well into the second one.

Also, TN3 came out in 1998, the same year Ringu was released in Japan (and 35 years after Ringo was released in the US). I point this out because stylistically The Ring is a modern horror movie while TN3 is a traditional ghost movie and I am surprised that they share the same birth year. In fact, the feel of TN3 is so old that I almost didn't recognize Louis Koo. This is before he took on his persona as the down-to-earth matinee idol and was simply an actor doing a good job in a supporting role. The thing that gives him away is that unearthly tan, apparently the result of a nuclear mishap in a Coppertone factory.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 05/02/2001
Summary: PRetty good

I read this was supposively the best of the Troublesome night movies, well according to grimes anyway!! I have so far only seen TN 6, 7 i think and they were pretty average!!

This movie is split up into 3 parts. The first part was really creepy to me. I think this was the best in my opinion of the 3!! What happens at the end creeped me out!!

The 2nd part was comedy!! I did laugh here and there but it was a LOUD laugh!!

The 3rd part was more drama!! It is pretty sad and the movie ends.

So what about the horror?
Well like most hk movies i have seen it's a minimal here too!!

As far as i know, none of these Troublesome night series are link at all!! So as far as i know, each series has it's own set of characters, with a lot of the same actors!!

If this is the best of the Troublesome night series, like grimes friends say, it's not bad!!


Reviewed by: grimes
Date: 04/08/2000

Troublesome Night 3 is ostensibly a set of three ghost stories (a formula established in its prequels) but proved to be quite a
bit more. This film follows the workers in a funeral home in three separate but related segments.

In the first, Shishedo, a superfan of fictional pop star Beauty Chan, is faced with a dilemna when she becomes a client of
their funeral home. Chan was notoriously image conscious during life and her death left her rather disfigured. The result is
a rather touching, but also disturbing, vignette wherein Shishedo tries to find a way to make her as beautiful in death as in
life. The ghost in this segment is Beauty Chan, who comes to Shishedo asking him to help her be beautiful. This segment is
as much a commentary on fandom as anything, and was well done.

The second, and least innovative, segment, begins when three of the workers scam a young woman in performing a
ceremony to placate her dead mother's ghost. They do a distinctly subpar ceremony and abscond with her money. The ghost
is angered and haunts the three, who apparently live together. This segment, while not original, is fairly funny and
entertaining, featuring a few amusing references to The Exorcist.

The third and final segment focuses on Hung, the senior makeup artist at the funeral home, who is jilted by her fiance Daviv
(yes, that's how it is spelled) because he finds her work so disturbing. This segment was by far the best of the three, being
the most emotionally involving.

Troublesome Night 3 is quite well written, with good dialogue throughout. In fact, it is extremely talky, especially for a ghost
story film. Another nice aspect of the writing is that the film flows naturally between the three segments. Though they are
obviously separate, there is no break in the film between them. In addition, various elements from each segment are present
throughout the film, helping give it continuity. Finally, the characters are well written and developed, particularly the
character of Hung, who is featured in the third segment. More than any of the other characters, we come to care about her.

I have heard from others that this is the best of the Troublesome Night series, though I have seen none of the others. I
definitely recommend it. It is an interesting change of pace, combining elements of drama, comedy, and romance within a
supernatural framework. It is also a demonstration of the fact that Hong Kong scripts can be polished when they want to be,
despite their reputation for roughness.

Reviewed by: Mark
Date: 12/30/1999
Summary: Horror anthology which turns serious

Another horror anthology pic with plenty of Chinese ghosts backlit and drifting sideways, in that way that they do. This one is not as zany as Troublesome Night 2, but is a better movie all round. The stories revolve around a wacky group of morgue attendants.

The first tale is about a lovestruck young undertaker who has to work on his cantopop idol after an accident leaves her all smashed up - how can he get her looking good for the open casket funeral?

The second story follows the fortunes of three of the staff who do freelance funerals. When they shortchange a granny by doing her service on the cheap, she comes back from the grave to haunt them (well, to possess them one by one and chase the other two around with an axe, knife and/or baseball bat to be precise. It's a form of haunting, I guess).

The third story actually addresses issues of love, death and grief in a serious fashion, pushing the spooky comedy antics aside to make way for a genuinely moving dramatic segment. Ah, Hong Kong films, four genres in one flick. Gotta love it.