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愛上100%英雄 (1997)
We're No Bad Guys

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 07/01/2006
Summary: The action and comedy dont blend that well

The movie starts off well, having a sense of it being another mismatched cop movie, but it falls into predictability

IT feels like this movie stole elements from a lot of other action movies and put it into this movie

What i dont like about some movies which have a blend of comedy and action, is that the action is too bloody, which to me makes it more of a serious movie. But it cant be serious if there is characters like the so called James Bond character!! I do know that the guy is mad by the way...........

The ending was a bit of a fizzer, i am disappointed by this movie, it had potential but it turned out like another hollywood movie, formula stuff

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: ipkevin
Date: 12/11/2000
Summary: Surprisingly entertaining Wong Jing movie

Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan play a pair of cops protecting Gigi Leung and Vivian Hsu from a psychotic hitman (Alex Fong) in this Wong Jing production. Like many of Wong Jing's late 90s flicks, We're No Bad Guys is very sloppy with the details and plotting. However, it's also very entertaining! Wong Jing harkens back to the golden age (1980s & early '90s) of HK cinema by throwing together hardcore violence, light romance, and goofy comedy and making it all seem natural. He also swipes liberally from Hollywood films like Fair Game and Lethal Weapon 2 for the setpieces, but redeems himself in the end with a few clever moments of his own. Nearly all the actors give engaging performances, even the usually bland Ekin! Alex Fong is also ultra-cool as the hitman and looks more like the Chinese Richard Gere than ever (or is Richard Gere the Caucasian Alex Fong?). Overall, it wouldn't make any list of the best HK action comedies, but it is a goofy and consistently entertaining film. In today's HK movie market, that's enough.