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對不起,多謝你 (1997)
My Dad Is a Jerk!

Reviewed by: cpardo
Date: 07/14/2005
Summary: This movie is not a jerk...

A loser (Lau)who was once a stock car racer but now parks cars for a living, gets a visit from his ex who wants him to watch his son in Hong Kong so she can get remarried. He learns a lot from his intelligent and Western-educated son (Lam), who looks up to him as a somebody because of his one time shot as a stock car racer. He doesn't seem him self that way and hopes to redeem himself by racing again...

I didn't know what to expect when I saw this movie in a theater in Canada, but I thought it was pretty funny and enjoyable. Lau is good as a cranky nobody, but evolves into a loving father. The kid was kind of annoying at first but he became likable. And this was the first time I saw Hsu Chi, and she was great and cute in the movie too. And it was cool to see Cecilia Yip again in a film. It's a good mix of comedy and drama and is obviously underrated. But it deserves a second look. I've watched it several times. Let's watch it again...

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 05/05/2002
Summary: Bad

I don't know why I bothered watching this one again, it's awful. It's supposed to be a light drama, but it's just so boring. Not one of Lau Chings better works that's for sure.

Rating: 1.5/5

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 10/17/2001
Summary: BORING!!

Unfunny comedy about Lau Ching wan looking after his foreign son. The only good thing in this movie is Shu qi, who plays the ditzy gal roles very well!!


Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Lee Lap Cheung is a immature slacker who is going nowhere. Hisex-wife Yip Ting has become a powerful woman in the business world within a few years. Cheung in a moment of anger requests Yip Ting to allow him and his son Jason to spend some time together. Jason is an free, innocent and lovable child. Although he is a child, he is quite righteous. Under his influence, Cheung finally changes for the better to become someone with a true sense of responsibility......

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