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殺手三分半鐘 (1996)
The Killer Has No Return

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Malay Chinatown's Yu Yi restaurant was helding Mr. Shek's weddingbanquet, Chinese Mr. Lui attended with wealthy merchant Mr. Hung. With the banquet begins, Mr. Lui begins a special religious ceremony, like the gods appeasement ceremonies in ancient China. In the midst of the cereomny, assassin Wa only has three and a half minutes to aim at the groom Mr. Shek. Gunshots ring out, but the person shot is actually Mr. Hung. As Wah is shocked by this occurrence, he notices another assassin leaving nearby, the two begin to go head to head. Later, Wah suddenly becomes the assassin who killed Mr. Hung and a fugitive from the Malay police......

[Reviewed by Next Magazine]