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II (1995)
Trilogy of Lust II

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/28/2007
Summary: Gory in extremis

The original Trilogy Of Lust was violent, ridiculously gory, occasionally erotic, and clearly crossed the line into x-rated porn. There are some differences in the sequel. Though the blood flows freely in the final one-third, there is quite a bit less gore. And it's a lot more kinky, reinforced by an impressive array of fetishist gear.

Nevertheless, the subject matter is very unpleasant and nasty, and a fun and innocent sex romp this certainly ain't ! On the plus side, Julie Lee's virtually complete control of proceedings this time (as star, art director, writer and producer, and calling herself "Julie Riva") has made TOL 2 a much more assured piece of filmmaking. Lee uses her lovely and lithe body to at times outstanding effect, whether as provocateur or victim, exhibitionist or simply a weapon.

She has made this a porn-star vehicle par excellence, staying in frame for most of the pic, while still alloying several of the minor characters their own scenes for variety.

The story, which teeters unsettlingly between weird and horrifying, is about a "spinster" office tyrant who goes out to also goes to nightclubs, picks up men, treats then subjects them to kinky sex, then brutally murders them and keeps a body part for a souvenir. Pain causes her to become sexually excited, referring back to her girlhood, when she was pack-raped by her uncle and his disreputable friends. Now, she's out to take revenge on all men.

Not that it's by any means a classic wronged- woman-seeks-vengeance film either, as the weird ending clearly shows. The photography and direction are purposefully unsettling. Most of the sex/torure scenes are blue-lit, with continuously wandering and very odd camera angles.

Overall : The opening is very promising, well-filmed and sensual. Things slowly, then ever more quickly, descends to the very nasty, where they stay. Not at all for the faint-hearted.

Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 07/03/2000
Summary: umm.........

i think this one is where the main actress after bonking guys, KILLS them!! This is because, later on you find out that she was raped by relatives and hates all men!! There is a sub plot somewhere where this guy finds out she is doing all these killings, and what does he do? He turns into a transveste!!
This is not X rated like trilogy of Lust 1 (if thats what the movie was called, still not sure)
but still lots of R rated bonking scenes.
A ironic ending!!
SORRy but i can't rate this film!!