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馬戲小子 (1994)
Circus Kids

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 03/07/2003

I think I enjoyed the movie more than the other HKMDB reviewers, but then my expectations were quite low. Sure it's rough around the edges, but it's worth watching for the great displays of acrobatics and some decent action scenes. It’s not first-grade by any means, but more interesting than most of the action that HK has produced in the last year or two.
Donnie Yen looked like he wasn't trying at all though.
I assumed the movie was made in mid-80's when I watched it - feels about 1986. Maybe it just doesn't live up to expectations for a more recent movie?

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 07/09/2002
Summary: Poor

Unfortunately, Circus Kids (literal name for what the film is about) is another Wu Man/Yuen Biao mess, and despite its more original concept, the film is completely uninteresting, and quite honestly a waste a time. The only worthwhile reason to even consider watching this is for some of Yuen Biaos moves, otherwise I can’t give any reason for watching it.

The acting is atrocious, but it’s no surprise considering none of the cast are really much of actors anyway (Yuen Biao, Wu Ma, Donnie Yen!!), but even so, a lot more work should have been put in on this one. Even the cameo by Bey Logan looks so out of place. Also, as Sydneyguy said, the ending is really bad, ending up with the conclusion that Circus Kids is probably one of the worst films by people who should know better, considering their long time in the business.

I will say though, that there are certain aspects of this film that do draw me to believe that Wu Ma really did try to make a serious film here, but probably due to the cast and the script it just makes me laugh at it, and could not recommend this to anyone.


PS – Thanks for sending me the VCD Sydneyguy, I hadn’t ever seen a clear version of this film before!

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 05/08/2002

The flick takes part in Shanghai during the 1940's. While Sifu Shan (Wu Ma) and his circus troupe are pleasing their fans with death defying stunts, clowning, and a show stopping flying trapeze, the Japanese decide to invade China and in the process, blow up all of Sifu Shan's circus. Sifu Shan disbands the troupe and heads back south to make money to rebuild his circus. The whole troupe hits hard times as they are unable to find consistent work and eventually they all run into problems dealing with the local thugs, cops, and opium. Eventually, the Circus troupe unites to take on the thugs in a Royal Rumble at a warehouse. Check out Donnie and his buddy, Bey Logan, in a fisticuffs. You'll also see the high kicking Ken Lo and Yuen Biao dueling it out.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 10/17/2001
Summary: big disappointment

I am a Yuen biao fan as well as a donnie yen fan but this movie makes them look bad!!

Donnie yen is basicially in the movie to kick ass, and unfortunately his character is not developed enough.
Yuen biao over does it, and you find his characters annoying.

The ending is just crap, this movie should not have been made!! The action is ordinary too which doesn't help wheny ou got 2 great kung fu stars in your cast


Reviewed by: hokazak
Date: 12/09/1999

Set during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, this is the storyof a circus troupe's attempt to get their lives back together after their circus tent is bombed / burned to the ground. Driven out of their home province, they travel back to their patriarch's (Wu Ma's) home region. Unfortunately, while trying to find jobs as hired hands in their new home town, they run afoul of local politics / crime. The stern local constable (Donnie Yen) is himself a righteous man, but he unwittingly serves the cause of the bad guys who have bought out his boss, the police chief. Donnie Yen, however, falls in love with Wu Ma's daughter and while helping her out, begins to realize who the real bad guys are. Lots of circus-y stunts and pretty good kung fu - like you'd expect from a Yuen Biao movie. Features the multi-kicking main bad guy from Jackie Chan's "Drunken Master 2" in a similar role... The finale multiple / simultaneous fights scenes are the action highlight of the movie.