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替天行道之殺兄 (1994)
Brother of Darkness

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 09/18/2003

Another in the series of "true crime" Category III films done by "Bloody" Billy Tang, Brother of Darkness tells the story of a man who brutally kills his brother after years of abuse. While it has most of the ingredients of a successful Cat III movie -- most notably lots of sex and violence -- Brother of Darkness fails to deliver most of the thrills and shocks that fans of the genre have come to expect from the director of such movies as Dr. Lamb. It's almost too clean; the sex scenes seem more appropriate for an episode of Red Shoe Diaries or some other softcore "romantic" fluff, and the violence -- while pretty bloody -- isn't as over-the-top as most other Cat III movies. And Anthony Wong doesn't kill anyone, do any drugs, or even swear! This isn't a horrible movie, but it just can't seem to decide whether it's a serious family drama or a Cat III exploitation flick and, as such, isn't really all that satisfying to fans of either genre.

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/15/2000

Closely follows the template set by Daughter Of Darkness, right down to using the same lead actors in the same or similar roles. Ng Doi-Yung & Lily Chung again play the young lovers, Ho Ka- Kui again plays the monstrous baddie, and Anthony Wong & Money Lo play barristers instead of cops.

So, why bother watching it ? Well, any movie in which Lily Chung (who has one of HK's most beautiful bodies) gets her gear off is worth sitting through. Her acting is unrestrained (bordering on hysterical) and is not always convincing, but it nicely balances the deadpan Ng Doi-Yung. Lily's character Jenny has always loved Toh, and once they have their first kiss, she's on fire. But Toh hesitates, and Jenny is puzzled. Embarrassment follows as Toh confesses "I am sexual deformation". Despite the horrific subtitles, these scenes are genuinely moving, and shows just how impossible the situation between the lovers will be. Toh leaves her, but she begs him back. Jenny gives evidence for Toh at the trial, which is a cold retelling of her intimate acts with Toh. Much is made of Wah's cruelty to anyone within range but, in the end, the way Toh says goodbye to Jenny is nearly as bad.
The Cat 3 rating is abundantly earned. As few nude/sex scenes, though only the ones with Wah and his wife are successful (Jenny and Toh's scenes, by necessity, become non-events). Some awful violence and cruelty, though nothing as bad as in Daughter Of Darkness. Voluminous smutty talk, mostly in the courtroom.
Overall : Has some annoying deficiencies, but enough interest to watch all the way through. But probably only once !

A few more words about the subtitles. There are several parts of the film where long dialogue exchanges are not subtitled. Yet every "la la la", "oh" and "ah" is included !
And there are places when you'll wish they left them out ! These include - - "Let me touch your nibbles", - "Please don't go wild", - "I'll check your dill", - "Mind your own dusiness", - "This is uncle's dirthday"....

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/21/1999

A man kills his brother. Was it an act of cold blooded murder or selfdefense? Based on a controversial murder trial in Hong Kong, this courtroom drama depicts the conflicts and abuse of two brothers leading to the imminent murder.

[Reviewed by Tai Seng Catalog]