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買起曼克頓 (1992)
Taking Manhattan

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 07/17/2009
Summary: daddy says that cops like midnight swoops...

chung (lui chi-yin) is a hong kong police officer, who has been sent to new york, to work with the nypd. unfortunately, the officers he is going to team with are blown up with a pizza box bomb, leaving chung at a loose end. his wife (carrie ng) isn't particularly happy with this situation, and their relationship becomes a touch strained. still, lt. helen taylor (alana adena), chung's maverick boss has an undercover assignment for him; just the thing to sure up a marriage...

this is a bit of a strange production, being shot entirely on location in new york, complete with a plethora of new yorkers being dubbed into cantonese; including a blind, black, pirate radio dj. as the film plods through chung's undercover exploits; working with fiercely ambitious chen (andrew chan), there are moments of interest, but nothing of real quality or anything particularly memorable, save for it being slightly odd.


Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Ho has a bright future with Hong Kong's police force. ButHo's wife wants to emigrate to the United States. So he winds up in Manhattan on the New York police force. Ho's wife meets Chinese 'wheeler- dealer' Chan who teaches her how to double her money overnight. She changes from a tender wife into a hard business woman as Ho watches helplessly. In fact, Ho has been given his new undercover assignment: to investigate Chan and his suspected criminal background. So the Hos and the Chans keep on meeting, loving and hating, all the while in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge until the explosive end.

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