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太太的情人 (1992)
My Wife's Lover

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 09/17/2007
Summary: a nice, sensual look at infidelity

My Wife's Lover (1992) is about 20 minutes worth of dramatic action stretched to about 87 minutes with soft-core pornography. The male lead in this film is so dumb that he never figures out that his wife is having a lesbian relationship with an amateur photographer she introduces to him for an advertising campaign they are all working on together. Even after the wife poses for sensual, nude photos and spends time dining and traveling with the bi-sexual photographer, the dummy husband still doesn't get it.

Director Kevin Chu is a good cinematographer. He shoots the sexual content with a nice, sensual look and feel. His direction falls flat and the performances he elicits from the 3 leads are corny and wooden. As a dramatic film, My Wife's Lover is not good, but if you consider it as a "soft-core" movie, it's pretty okay. Maria Tung Ling and Yamaguchi Keiko look real nice with their clothes off.

En français : L'amoureux de mon épouse (1992) est valeur d'environ 20 minutes d'action dramatique étirée à environ 87 minutes avec la pornographie de doux-noyau. Le fil masculin en ce film est si sourd-muet qu'il ne figure dehors jamais que son épouse a un rapport lesbien avec un photographe d'amateur qu'elle présente à lui pour une campagne publicitaire elles sont allumée tout le fonctionnement ensemble. Même après que l'épouse pose pour sensuel, les photos nues et passe le temps dinant et voyageant avec le photographe Bi-sexuel, le mari factice ne l'obtient toujours pas.

Directeur Kevin Chu est un bon cinéaste. Il tire le contenu sexuel avec un regard et un sentir gentils et sensuels. Sa direction tombe appartement et les exécutions qu'il obtient des 3 fils sont bébêtes et en bois. Comme film dramatique, l'amoureux de mon épouse n'est pas bon, mais si vous le considérez comme film de « doux-noyau », il est assez correct. Maria Tung Ling et Yamaguchi Keiko semblent vrai gentil avec leurs vêtements au loin.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/02/2000
Summary: P G P

The look of this film is a refreshing change from porn cheapies, and is pleasing to the eye, especially, the sex/nude scenes, with lots of exposed skin in close up, and very sensual as well. There's even variety in this department, with at least six actors getting all their gear off. And France is everywhere in this film. Paris gets into many conversations, as does Matisse, and Monet and Marie Claire make it into the frame too. The pace is a bit slow at times, and some of the non-sex scenes drag on too long (tighter editing would have paid dividends). However, that's a minor problem, easily remedied by the fast-forward button.
Overall, I'd call this PGP - Pretty Good Porn.

Reviewer Score: 7