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聊齋金瓶梅 (1991)
Ghost Story of Kam Ping Mui

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/12/2004
Summary: Where are the ghosts ?

Well, they are there, but they stay hidden for most of the movie.

The opening scenes are terrific and quite promising, and make it clear that this is yet another Chinese Ghost Story clone with sex added. Two itinerants taking a piss happen to see a quartet of naked maidens splashing on the riverbank and join them, only to find they are ghosts. A young lady (travelling with her VERY OLD old man) stops to take a piss behind a tree, only
to have her bum grabbed by a hand coming out of the ground. The, for more than an hour, ghosts take no part whatever in the story. They eventually come back when one of the lead characters is killed and decides to go a'haunting.

Okay, I'll come right out and say it - most of this film is crap. Dull muddled drivel. There are about two dozen characters, most of whom are confined to vignettes, with little or no connection to the main story (fortunately, there is one).

The good stuff, apart from the opening two scenes, includes a hilarious sketch involving a group of male stallholders and a buxom young lady without a bra leaning over to inspect merchandise while they inspect hers'.

There are about a dozen fully naked young girls here, so it does have variety. The nude scenes are also lovely to watch, but they are too few compared with the sex scenes, which are uniformly dull and lifeless.

The disappointments include the luscious Man Siu failing to get naked (doesn't even take her top off) and only one nude scene with the gorgeous Chan Pooi Kei.

There are better porns than this.

Reviewer Score: 3