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火爆浪子 (1991)
Angry Ranger

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 06/14/2010
Summary: yogi has been stealing picnic baskets...

peter (ben lam) is out of prison, after being caught with blood on his hands in a street battle; the old neighbourhood has changed. his former running mate, hsing (bruce maang) has gone straight and the area is run by gangs run by two men; macau hua (cheung gwok-wa) and big circle han (sun chien). on his first day out, peter manages to chat up jane (leung yuen-jing), han's girl, before stealing lun's (jackie lui)car and wrecking it, lun being one of hua's men. looks like going straight and settling down isn't really in peter's plans...

this was a pretty watchable, enjoyable flick, even if it does tick off nearly every cliche in the book. apparently johnny wang has quite the reputation for delivering violence heavy, chopper filled, triad movies and this one, although appearing to be a good example, pales next to the likes of 'hong kong godfather', which i guess i need to check out. as for this one, i did enjoy it, but it isn't great. the main protagonist is pretty much the architect of his own downfall, or at least that of his friends and sister, who all seem to suffer at the hands of the triads, as a result of him pissing them off.

the action is pretty enjoyable; on the whole, apart from a fight which is more like a demonstration, between peter and hua, the fighting is not too frilly and just gets to the point. kinda rough and raw, which works pretty well. there's also lots of knife action. so, despite there being nothing new here and the fact that it's a film which exists in the shadow of the director's other efforts, it still makes for an entertaining eighty-six minutes.

good enough...

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 05/12/2010

Angry Ranger is another entry in the series of blood-spattered Triad-oriented action movies helmed by Johnny Wang Lung-Wei during the mid 1980's to early 1990's. The film isn't as violent as some of Wang's other work like the cult favorite Hong Kong Godfather, which makes the picture's shortcomings all that more apparent. But, all things considered, Angry Ranger is still worthy enough viewing material if you're into low-budget 80's Hong Kong action.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 02/02/2006
Summary: Not as effective as expected..

This seemed to be a beautiful production, Jackie Chan's stunt team teaming up with another great choreographer and master of the chopper triad movie, Wang Lung Wei, a combination of talent that should have made an intense and effective triad movie. The results, they are not as expected, simply because the script is top soft, the characters aren't interesting, there are alot of miscasts, and Chan and Wang's choreographing styles are different, as Chan's stuntwork is carefully choreographed and graceful, while Wang's choreography and style is rough and edgy. The problem is that this is a Jackie Chan production, and that Jackie Chan's choreography and ideas only count, so Wang Lung We doesn't get to show off his stuff. The fight scenes feel soft and fake, instead of being gritty and hard as a chopper triad movie should be. Take a look at Wang's Hong Kong Godfather(1985) and compare it to this movie. Hong Kong Godafther's action was hard and gutsy, while the action in this movie is too shallow. The perfect chopper triad movie needs 80% of Wang's ideas and choreography, and 20% of Chan's ideas and choreography. Not the other way around, and that's just what happened here. Like Wang's Bloody Brotherhood(1989) made a year before, this is another soft chopper triad movie that Wang had almost no creative control over. If this movie would have been made in 1985, with Chan and Wang, this movie would have been an intense triad chopper movie. By the 90's, Chan's action mellowed out so much that the guts was ripped out of his action, to the point that Chan's action was just him clowning around, and that had an effect in his stunt team's choreography, resulting in choreography that is missing the gritty guts, edgyness, urgency, and emotion once seen in Chan's 80's, as Chan's 90's choreography, showcase din this movie, uses a soft, bland, and balletic choreography that's quite empty and boring. Not interesting, intense, or edgy enough to be a chopper triad movie, and the beginning of Chan's downfall in the quality of his choreography. 2/5

Reviewed by: sunchien
Date: 12/12/2003

Excellent movie. This movie has quick, brutal and lighning fast action. The plot is basically an ex-convict, Peter, returns home only to get in the thick of things between himself and the triad.

The choreography is mostly kickboxing with a twist of old school kung fu. Trust me, this movie will literally blow you away.

Ben Lam stars in this action packed movie and boy does this fool know how to snap his punches and kicks. He is very quick and truly carries this movie. Great Joh.

Not to mention, the main villain Venom alumni and superkicker Sun Chien as Big Circle Han. Sun Chien has never been more faster and more impressive than he was in this movie.

The film is littered with tons of fight scenes, do yourself a favor and find this rare gem. You will not be disappointed.