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聊齋艷譚 (1990)
Erotic Ghost Story

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 04/04/2006
Summary: Great fun

I can't believe you guys being so hard on this gorgeously photographed and highly entertaining period sex comedy.

Story : Based on The Witches Of Eastwick and given the Chinese Ghost Story treatment, with generous slabs of erotic nude scenes added. A LOT more fun than TWOE, and in the same class as CGS.

Erotic/sex scenes : Outstanding and plentiful. Colourful and loving photography of three of HK's loveliest actresses of the time getting it off and getting down with one very lucky bloke and each other.

Comedy : ranges from funny to side-splitting. From the opening scene, where Amy Yip's character plays an oldie-but-goodie girl ghost trick on an unexpecting bunch of guys, to a screaming take on TWOE's cherry-eating sequence (with a pineapple), to the reason the girls start growing hairs on their chests, there's enough laughs to keep you going over the occasional intrusions of plot or (later) horror.

Acting : In a fast-paced, funny, sexy visual feast like this, who cares ?!

Overall : A better sex comedy even than the notorious Sex & Zen.

Comparison with the sequel : EGS II, though quite a different story, is even better..... If you want your mind truly blown, see EGS I and II as a double bill. It's the best HK film+sequel pair I've ever seen. Better, though I admit it reluctantly, then Chinese Ghost Story I & II.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 08/24/2005
Summary: Simple but not effective...

Erotic Ghost Story is a rather simplistic story based on a famous Chinese erotic story in which three woman spirits must resist temptations in order to become immortal. The three spirit sisters, Pai So-so (Man So), Hua-hua (Amy Yip) and Fei-fei (Kamimura Kiyoko), must remain faithful for 36 days, at which point they will leave their animals forms behind. The eldest sister, Pai So-so has lustful thoughts about the God of Lust Wutung and subsequently her two sisters start having their own fantasies, leading them down a road that threatens their grand plan. On her travels from town, So-so saves a young scholar named Wu Ming (Sin Lap-man) from roving bandits, and decides to become his housekeeper, arousing the interests of her two sisters. Eventually all three sisters sleep with Wu Ming, who turns out to be none other than the God Wutung. The sisters realize their lust is impeding their bid for immortality, and they decide to stop their escapades at once. However, needing to sleep with women in order to keep his young man’s form, Wutung goes to all measures to get the sisters back, finally doing battle with a Taoist priest who stands in his way.

Unfortunately, the plot for Erotic Ghost Story is too basic to involve the viewer and ends quite quickly without any real resolution, obviously being pulled from a short story. Although it is billed as a Category III (equivalent to a NC-17 US rating?) film, it is hardly as erotic as the other more famous Any Yip movie, Sex and Zen. There are titillating scenes, but for the most part the film simply feels too abbreviated to be enjoyable. The three buxom and gorgeous leads do provide some entertainment for the male viewers though, if that is enough for a recommendation.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: Chungking_Cash
Date: 01/27/2003

Granted, audiences aren't very accustomed to high expectations when it comes to soft core pornography but this bottom-of-the-barrel skin flick inspired by "The Witches of Eastwick" (1987) never rises above stalking Amy Yip's bust.

Reviewer Score: 1

Reviewed by: RLM
Date: 05/18/2002
Summary: Yeah, soft porn

It is a soft porn film but with very beautiful women and tastefully (no pun intended) love scenes.
The opening sequence has our fox spirits being attacked by a gang. While copulating, one guy has the life sucked out of him and dies while another is scared when his fox spirt changes into an old lady. He then runs away. Doesn't seem quite fair to me.
During the (inter) course of the movie / I thought that was rather clever/ there is love making and the making of a monster. I agree with other reviewers - the ending parts from the early fun of the movie into something violent and needless.
For a soft porn film: 6/10

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 05/29/2001
Summary: Ummm...........

I find it hard to rate these obvious soft porn movies!! This one was pretty good i must say!! Amy Yip shows all but her nipples of course!! I feel like there were some edited out parts in this because i have seen footage that is of this movie but NOt in the movie!! Anyway the story is simple, a demon bewitches 3 fox fairies and they will turn into there animal forms because of this relationship!! The ending is pretty crappy but you dont' watch this for the action do you...........

Reviewed by: anyajade
Date: 03/28/2001
Summary: Silly but worthwhile

This film has Troma like effects. Very campy and the women are beautiful. I was hoping for more erotic sex scenes but it's pretty tame.

Three most memorable scenes for me:
1) Opening scene where the girls take on a gang of guys. Why? Because it's so funny and if I had those kinds of powers it's something I'd do.

2) When two of the women take a bath together. I think it's quite sexy and I wish I was there.

3) When Wu Tang lures a maiden back to his pad and proceeds to turn into a monster and kill her. The special effects are really funny.

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Once there were three beautiful sisters who were not quitewhat they seemed. They are Chinese "fox fairies" who have been granted mortal form in return for doing good deeds and generally behaving themselves. If they are very good and resist the temptations of the mortal world, they can eventually achieve immortality. One by one, they each meet a mysterious handsome scholar and, one by one, they make wild, abandoned love with him (and occasionally each other). Each of the sisters deceives the others about their activities, but eventually they all suspect each other. And when fox hair begins to grow on their bodies, the truth is out. They go to confront the scholar, only to find that he is the god of Carnal Desire, Wu Tung. He attacks the girls with unquenchable lust but they are saved at the last possible moment by a guardian spirit, who tells them that if they work even harder to be good they can keep their beautiful human forms and seek immortality.

[Reviewed by Rim Films Catalog]

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Quite fun low-budget gore-and-tits exploitation film. Certainly not high art, but worth watching (especially for those interested in miss Yip's anatomy!)

[Reviewed by Anonymous]

Reviewed by: spinali
Date: 12/08/1999
Summary: NULL

Foxes Hua-Hua, So-So, and Fei-Fei are three sworn sisters who need 36 days to change from foxes (the furry kind) to immortal human form. When a handsome scholar seduces one after another, they can hardly know he's Wutung, a three headed fertility demon, nor that his presence is causing the girls to get fur on their chests. A Taoist monk uses cheap special effects to restore peace in an even cheaper movie. The three big-breasted actresses (which includes Amy Yip) breathe with their chests a lot during close-ups. The sex scenes are a hoot. Lots of dry ice.


[Reviewed by Steve Spinali]

Reviewer Score: 6