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Forsaken Cop

Reviewed by: Rab99bit
Date: 05/14/2001
Summary: For lack of something else better, see it

This is a story of an undercover cop (Alex Fong)who manages to infiltrate into the underworld with the help of his old buddy (played by Miu Kiew Wai).
His buddy later "turns good" and quits the underworld. The undercover cop manages to earn the trust of the Head of the gang but his sudden assasination in a power struggle forces him to run from both the gang and the police who, for some unclear reason, has forsaken him. His old buddy conveniently dies (assasinated) while trying to help him to leave the country, leaving the forsaken cop no choice but to fight it out alone with the gang. Just as he is about to lose the battle, who should conveniently drop by..... and save the day.
See Alex Fong as he was, 10 years ago - chubby and a bit awkward; a far cry from the Alex Fong of today : cool, calm, and confident. His acting thankfully improved towards the 2nd half of the movie and hints at the potential he was to develop.