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望夫成龍 (1990)
Love Is Love

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 03/27/2002
Summary: Not bad

Love is Love at the time was very good, and even now watching it again did keep my interest going. Back then, the fine comedy duo Stephen Chow and Sandra Ng actually play serious parts about a couple in love who are from a small province outside of Hong Kong. They decide to move into the city as they have both had enough of her fathers constant bullying and problems he is always causing (played very well by Shing Fui On). Sui (Steven Chow) gets a job straight away and soon becomes very successful, whilst his wife Tei (Sandra Ng) stays at home getting depressed. This soon leads to trouble within the marriage, as the two seem to drift apart in their own worlds.

Although a good enough drama, there is some comedy for the fans of Stephen Chow, but some of the jokes don¡¦t really work. But both of their performances are great. One of the other reviewers didn¡¦t think Sandra Ng was the best choice for the part, well I have to disagree with that, because Sandra Ng & Stephen Chow always looked the best comedy couple on screen in opinion ƒº

Don¡¦t expect to see anything like a masterpeice though, and is not really for the Stephen Chow fans if they are expecting a lot of comedy.


Rating: [3.5/5]

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 11/27/2001
Summary: Would have been better with a different lead actress

LOVE IS LOVE (1990) - Stephen Chiau and Sandra Ng have grown up in a small village, and have dreams of marriage. Sandra's pop (Shing Fui On) is having none of it though, so they elope to the city to make their fortune. The movie is basically about how people with small village experience and mindsets can cope with the ways of the city, and whether their relationship can survive the changes they go through. Despite Chiau & Ng's presence, it's not a comedy movie, quite a depressing tale in fact. I wasn't that taken by it... mainly because of Sandra Ng I think. She annoyed me for most of the movie, and I think another actress would have worked better in her place. I was much more inclined to encourage Chiau to head off with Suki Kwan Quite an interesting movie, but not wholly successful. DVD is OK, but subtitles could have been much better.

Reviewed by: Yellow Hammer
Date: 05/10/2001

Shui (Stephen Chow) and Ti (Sandra Ng) elope off, against the wishes of Ti's father (Shing Fui-On). They live the life of a struggling young couple. Shui finds a job at a jewelry importer and his hard work is noticed by the boss lady (Suki Kwan). As Shui moves up the corporate ladder, the chasm between Shui and Ti starts to widen, and the bond between Suki and Shui tightens. The relationships that exist between the boss, Shui and Ti is pretty interesting.

Despite the fact that the DVD shows smiling and comical faces, and despite the fact that two of the funniest HK people are the stars of the movie, this is a fairly serious drama. Stephen gets in many subtle funny lines in the movie (e.g. he vows never to 'shoot any airplanes' again at the video game parlor, which in Cantonese is somewhat vulgar sexual term). As usual, Universe decides to give away the whole story on the back cover of the DVD, so if you actually want to watch this movie in its entirety don't read the back cover.

Interesting that this movie is Category I, which I rarely ever see except for children's movies. It's especially interesting because there is a fair amount of foul language in this movie, nothing out of the ordinary but weird considering I've seen much tamer movies get rated as Category II.