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屍家重地 (1990)
Mortuary Blues

Reviewed by: ksbutterbox
Date: 06/08/2003
Summary: Mildly entertaining...& even funny!

This got a 1 star review in Asian Cult Cinema(the book). So knowing how Thomas
hates comedy and loves his S&M.....I bought it and liked it way better than he did! Sandra Ng's facial expressions
are worth the view alone! No Eng subs
in this copy(Pan Asian)...but after the
first half don't need them!
The vampires are pretty funny and this time instead of grabbing the breasts like Ricky Hui did in "Haunted Cop Shop 2" have to grab their ass!
Similiar ending as
"Operation Pink Squad 2" and "Haunted Cop Shop 2".
This isn't as good as those movies or the Steven Chow films he's done but has it's moments! I'm glad I still ignore Thomas Weisser at times........."silliness" is fun!
Hope you can find a DVD/VCD with subs!
This is much better than "Vampire Settle on Police Camp" and "Here Comes a Vampire"...both w/ Sandra Ng. Doesn't mean it's great...but if you like Jeff Lau...check it out!

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 05/22/2002
Summary: Nothing remarkable

Jeff Lau has done a lot of movies in the 'horror comedy' genre. MORTUARY BLUES is just another one, firmly stuck in the 'comedy' side of things though. A 300 year old curse lets a ghost/vampire loose on a village, and our cast of characters get caught up in it. There's the opera troupe members Sandra Ng, Sheila Chan and Lowell Lo and the village cops Corey Yuen and... the other guys.

Most of the movie is about toilet humour - about as base as it comes. Oh, and the sexual humour too (Sandra Ng again playing the 'ugly duckling' role, which she never really outgrew until she got a haircut). Nothing too remarkable, and not particularly amusing - though there are clearly a lot of language jokes that the subtitles don't carry at all.

Usually in these horror comedy things the saving grace is the action, but there's very little here until right at the end. The final showdown where our heroes utilise the props and sets of the opera stage to tackle the monster is quite imaginitive though.

Overall, not a particularly good movie, but not the worst waste of time either.

Reviewer Score: 5