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返老還童 (1989)
Forever Young

Reviewed by: AkiraRus
Date: 07/15/2004

Pretty lame movie - have couple funny moments but that's it. Young actors are decent and cute, but it's a pity Ray Lui, Wilson Lam, Nat Chan and Ricky Hui are hardly in the movie.


Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 02/06/2002
Summary: Terrible

The main thing that didn't suprise me about this being so bad, is that Wong Jing wrote the ridiculous script! So expect his 'bad film-making' trademark all over it. Eric Tsang didn't help by directing it either.

It is basically a rip off of the US movie 'BIG' but they have done it the other way around - full grown men turning to kids.

There seemed no reason for them turning small, it just seems to happen, which for a start sets it at a ridiculous pace. Another completly stupid thing here is that the men (or boys) all grew up in the same orphanage...BUT there is no way you can beleive that when you consider how old Ricky Hui is compared to Wilson Lam, there must be a good 20 years differance between them. No logic what so ever from Wong Jing or Eric Tsang.

The group of men go to Thailand for a 'sex tour' and meet a which doctor who puts a curse on them. It is slightly funny though when they return to HK and face their girlfriends (although it didn't show how the 'boys' got back to HK). The unfunny jokes go on from there.

Another example to me of the fact that to me Wong Jing is the worst film maker in Hong Kong. Out of his countless films, I can count all the good ones on one hand!

Rating: 0.5/5