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西雅圖大屠殺 (1989)
Darkside of Chinatown

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 09/29/2005
Summary: this movie is actually a US/HK coproduction........

Not many people are aware of this, but this movie is actually a US/HK coproduction, and there are two versions of this movie, one the US version released on a cheap DVD label titled Massacre(1985) aka Border of Tong by director Michael Chu, and the HK version titled Darkside of Chinatown(1986), has footage reshot a year later with director Brandy Yuen. Massacre(1985) doesn't have Lam Wai, Hwang Jang Lee, Guk Fung or any of the HK actors, except for Daniel Hung Tang, or have any quality martial arts action, as the story revolves around cop David Heavener, who was also executive producer of this movie, tries to find Hung Tang in Seattle, Washington and Toronto, Canada. In the HK Darkside of Chinatown(1986) version, Hung Tang escapes to Hong Kong with uncle Lam Wai and must face his father Kenneth Tsang, in intensly emotional scenes, as Hung Tang emigrates back to Canada. Both movies a well made dramas, but the HK version has an all star quality cast, and therefore, better scenes. Hwang Jang Lee's scenes are brief, but it his presence with Guk Fung and the entire cast that make the HK version worth watching. Don't expect an 80's kickboxing movie, but with Lam Wai in the lead, this is an effective triad drama. In the US version, the stylish Joseph O'Melia is not to be missed as Police Captain Boxberger with his classy lip lisps! Ooh, ow! Eddie Chavira, the saxman who does the solos in the US version and the alternate solos for the HK version, had his effective alternate solo for the HK version recycled for many low budgeted triad movie after this movie. *1/2 for the US version/*** for the HK version/*****

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 12/26/2002

The flick takes place in Seattle, Washington and tells a story of gang life in a Chinatown. The flick is about a young lad named Joe who has been sent to the US of A, by his Father (Kenneth Tsang) to get away from the triads and become educated and be a family success. Instead, Joe doesn’t learn squat, joins the triads, and gets into boat loads of trouble with his gang. Eventually, Joe and his crew rob a gambling den and kill everyone in it. Joe is forced to flee from the cops and returns to Hong Kong with his “Dai Lo”, Shan Tung Shin (Lam Wai). As complicated as it may seem, Joe’s Dai Lo is actually one of his Father’s faithful followers, and when the two return to Hong Kong, Joe’s Father is pissed off at the two for 1)coming back to Hong Kong in disgrace 2) Joe’s becoming of a Triad, and 3)losing face. Eventually, the triads from the US of A come looking for Joe and in particular, a very important log book which contains some pertinent info. The Triads kill everybody and that includes Joe’s family. Joe leaves for Canada to escape the Triads, but later finds out everybody he knows and loves is dead. Also to rub salt in the wounds, the log book with the “important” info never turns up, so that has to make Joe wonder why can a little book cause so much trouble?