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K__L (1989)
They Came to Rob Hong Kong

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 03/14/2006
Summary: seems sillier than it is...

there are times when you could easily think that you are watching two different films here; one is a pretty brutal story about gangster who has escaped from the police in hong kong to the mainland, but now he's assembling a team to go back with him and rob a bank. the other is a very silly comedy about a bunch of fools, who've been lumped together to prepare to rob a bank. when these two come together, you're in for a treat.

this is a good solid comedy, with some great characters and some pretty damn good action sequences. roy cheung is pretty menacing (in an odd way) as the ganster from hong kong; dean shek and sandra ng (yay!) are two cops who've just been sacked, eric tsang and stanley fung are two con-men, lui wai-hung is leslie cheung (a leslie cheung impersonator) and bruce hung is a failed actor. that's the team assembled to rob hong kong, quite an ensemble. kara hui turns up as an all-actoion hong kong cop as well...

still, there's enough comedy, action and drama to entertain anyone.

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Roy Cheung plays Brother Tung, one of Hong Kong's 10 most wantedcriminals, who escapes from the police after a grueling fight. Eventually he meets up with a varied group of people: a fellow felon, two con artist doctors, two ex-security officers, a singer, a dancer, and "coach" Jenny (Chingmy) and decides they would all join him in order to 'rob Hong Kong'. The first fifteen minutes contained some grueling yet dizzying fight scenes but this seemingly serious crime drama fizzled into complete comedy with all of Brother Tung's recruits being clumsy, horny, and just downright stupid. I.E. in one segment, all the male recruits are to get in touch with their arms supplier in a bathhouse and all they know of him is that he has a huge mole on his buttock. Basically noone gets robbed and I wonder if Dean Shek knows it's anatomically impossible for a man to breast feed.

[Reviewed by Jennie Tam]