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血夜天使 (1988)
Vengeance Is Mine

Reviewed by: Tonic
Date: 12/15/2007

Like most people, I got this film off the back of seeing Rosamund Kwan and Pat Ha on the front cover. Pat Ha is very underated (see 'On The Run' with Yuen Biao and you'll understand).

I expected it to be somewhat similar to 'Her Vengeance' and it is indeed it is, but basically with more characters.

The film makes use of fade out (during the film and in end credits) which I've noticed is something quite rare in HK films of this era.

On a minor note, I thought the scene without any dialogue (where the model is trying to score from drugs) was cool.

The motorbike scene looks as though it was cut quite a bit - perhaps there's an alternative version out there. It reminded me very much of a similar scene in 'Against All' with Danny Lee (this film came first).

The credits don't freeze-frame either, another rare aspect of the film.

I have to confess that the revenge killings are deeply satisfing and I think the build up mostly works.

However, to be honest I don't quite understand the appeal of 'revenge' films where rape is at the forefront. That is to say, it is obvious that revenge is always pointless in the end - I just don't quite understand where the market was for this kind of film in the 80s (I suppose they kind of got way with it in the 70s kung fu flicks).

Worth a watch if you like the actors present or the revenge genre. However, not really the kind of film you'll be seeing many times.