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南北媽打 (1988)
Mother Vs Mother

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 04/13/2009
Summary: My mum liked it!!

My mother found this funny and to a certain extent, so did i.

I did miss the first 5 minutes but Bill tung marries Lydia Shum, but Bill loves Tang Pik Wan and there parents dont approve of there marriage and there is something about losing money i believe, sorry like i said i missed the first 5 minutes!!

Jacky Cheung is a movie producer and Maggie Cheung owns a mink store and they meet when JAcky tries to return a water soaked mink coat!! Jacky with friend Liu Wai try to pull off a stunt to get the coat back without having to pay for it but are found out by the girl May Hoh who they helped when her car broke down. May and Maggie are sisters

Too bad Jacky's father is Bill and Maggie's is Tang Pik, and Lydia and Tan hold a long time grudge, and it doesnt help that Bill finds Tan by chance at the train station and he goes over her house.

Soon Lydia,Bill and TAn meet up inevitably and fireworks start!!

Some of the situations that occur are funny, while others are just amusing!

ITS comedy fluff, the story is there just for the situations and character development is weak.

MAggie Cheung looks so cute and May hoh is cute too. Jacky looks like he doesnt have to try and Bill Tung and Lydia sham's performance are over the top but that what makes it funny!!

Not great, but its a amusing with a few laughs, watching for Maggie is a good enough reason

Reviewer Score: 6