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雪在燒 (1987)
Burning Snow

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 10/24/2001
Summary: Mostly dull

This film can't quite decide. It tries to be hot (a la Postman Always Rings Twice, perhaps), hauntingly beautiful (helped by Chris Doyle, of course), a kitchen sink drama, or perhaps even melodrama. But it doesn't really succeed in any of these areas.

As a launch vehicle for Yip Chuen Chan, it is moderately successful. As a story, most of the time it's too downbeat (especially the ending) and too dull. The main positive is the music, which is wonderful and haunting. As always, Simon Yam turns in an intense performance (in a fairly limited role).

Perhaps the styles of Taiwanese madman Jue Yin Ping and the artistic Patrick Tam were simply never meant to mix. Oil and water ?

Reviewer Score: 3