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點指賊賊 (1988)
Chatter Street Killer

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 03/01/2003
Summary: Very entertaining

A pleasant surprise. This film drew me in, initially by settling up a pleasant and mildly bickering little community (a bunch of neighbours singing), the mood then shattered by the arrival on a motorbike of an obnoxious punk. The film changes pace and style several times after that, mostly from comedy to thriller and back again, but it all works quite well for the most part.

Although the plot stretches credibility at times and contains several holes (including in the resolution), interest in solving the mystery (who murdered who and why) never wanes, and holds interest the whole way through.

The only part of the film which grates is Cheung Kwok Keung's characterization. Perhaps it's just me, but I don't find the stereotypical dopey mainlander shtick funny, especially when way overplayed. When he gets into serious mode, Cheung's real talent as an actor shines through, especially in the climactic scene where he confronts the real villain.

Agatha Christie it sure ain't ! But enjoyable and definitely worth watching.

Reviewer Score: 7