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Q (1988)
The Inspector Wears Skirts

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 04/02/2009
Summary: if you are a toilet, i will be the urine inside you...

after an attempt on the lives of some arab dignitaries, who are visiting a a movie set, is foiled, the aftermath focuses on the upset caused by the fact that male police officers bundled the wife of one of the arabs out of harms way. so, in an attempt to stave off such political turmoil in the future a female commando unit is approved. madam wu (sibelle hu), who was instrumental in the aforementioned foiling, along with madam law (cynthia rothrock), is placed in charge. and so, a soon to be elite unit, made up of the likes of sandra ng, anne bridgewater, kara hui, regina kent and ellen chan, is assembled, trained and put into action...

now, if one expects a girls with guns extravaganza, one may be disappointed. if, owever, you expect a silly comedy, with some pretty good action thrown in as a bonus, as did i, then you'll be very pleased with this offering. there's some dramatics, some very silly comedy and jackie chan's stunt team ensure that what action there is, is good.

very enjoyable...

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 01/23/2006

In The Inspector Wears Skirts, Sibelle Hu plays Wu, a cop who gets the attention of her superiors after she foils a plot by some ninjas to assassinate a visiting dignitary. Wu is placed in charge of training a group of female cadets, who the top brass will become a tough commando team. Of course, no one on the new team gets along at first, but they soon bond together and manage to foil a plot to steal a set of expensive jewels from a fashion show.

With Jackie Chan as a producer (and his stunt team handling the action) and a fairly star-packed cast, you would think the end results would be pretty good. Well, you would be wrong in this instance. Like many Hong Kong action films of the period, there's just way too much time devoted to stupid comedic sequences. The Inspector Wears Skirts digs itself further into a hole by having an extremely annoying and unnecessary musical number that almost caused me to hit the eject button just to stop the misery. To its' credit, things do pick up near the end when Cynthia Rothrock shows up as an Interpol agent who helps the ladies stop the jewel heist, but by then, it's too little, too late. The Inspector Wears Skirts isn't a horrible movie, but there are many, many other "girls with guns" films that are more deserving of your time.

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Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: ewaffle
Date: 09/24/2005

“The Inspector Wears Skirts” is a girls with guns action comedy. It isn’t funny enough to be effective as a comedy, there isn’t enough action for an action movie and we don’t get to know the characters very well. It is probably representative of this sub-subgenre but a film starring Sibelle Hu and Cynthia Rothrock should be a lot more impressive. The final scenes at the jewelry exhibition have some very decent fighting and gunplay along with a comic interlude that actually is part of the plot. Not a very believable part but it doesn’t have to be.

In order to get there, though, the audience has to sit through a lot of yawn inducing material enlivened with a few highlights. The entire roller rink episode could have been clipped without loss to the content or structure of the movie—and the musical number in the middle of it should have cut. The obstacle course episode, after a good start, was just too many long shots of too many girls in jumpsuits hopping over barriers and climbing ropes. The result, including the victimization and redemption of Ailene, was much more tightly written and directed and its follow-up, the training ambush on the training tower which solidified Ailene’s position with her former antagonist May, was short, violent and exciting.

Jeff Falcon is a terrific bad guy in the showdown at the end of the movie. He goes from being just a tough criminal to a martial arts expert with a very specific style in the twinkling of an eye. His style reminded me the cat claw style of Chung Faat in “The Magnificent Butcher”—odd looking but very effective. He was beating the tough combination of Sibelle and Cynthia until the rest of the female commando join the fight, underlining (as if it was necessary at the eighty-third minute of an eighty-eight minute movie) the one of all and all for one spirit of the commando.

Stanley Fong has a funny and well executed scene during the final fight. He and a number of other police officers have been captured by the robbers who plan to kill them once they divulge who the rest of the undercover officers are. He confuses the captors by wailing about how he simply can’t die just then because he has so much on his conscience. He has list that includes almost every type of aberrant behavior imaginable while tapping out a message in code on the wall with his head—it is just about indescribable and is the comedic high point of the movie.

Some extended flashes of decent action filmmaking surrounded by long stretches of conventional and dull boilerplate.

Reviewer Score: 3

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 07/29/2002
Summary: Bit of a wasted opportunity

The great thing about a squad of female commandos is that they can be cute, like some of Hong Kong's top actresses from the 80's, but also kick butt - like some of Hong Kong's top actresses in the 80's. Wait a minute! I just realised that's not a real squad of female commandos in THE INSPECTOR WEARS SKIRTS at all! I've been duped by some of Hong Kong's top actresses from the eighties again

TIWS is basically just another entry in the "Girls with Guns" genre that was popular at the time, with a cast of some of the top actresses from the eighties assembled together to train as a squad of female commandos, for those situations where a feminine touch might be required in the ass kicking. They meet at camp, train under Sibelle Hu, form alliances and rivalries with each other, date some of the boys at the camp and then get deployed in an action showdown according to tradition.

The script feels fairly by the books, but it's interesting to see a good cast including Sibelle, Kara Hui, Ann Bridgewater and Cynthia Rothrock all brought together. Sandra Ng and her big hair are brought in to provide annoyance relief (I can't in good conscience call it comic relief), and the movie suffers badly from that other blight of late 80's HK movies - Billy Lau. The action should be what makes all of this worth sitting through, and there is some good stuff (credited to Jackie Chan on HKMDB, which seems unlikely?), but not nearly enough. Not a bad movie, quite ok in fact, but a bit of a wasted opportunity.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 01/12/2002
Summary: Quite good

Sure, the story is the same we've seen loads of times before, but still, Sandra Ng helps the movie go with lots of laughs.

Rating 3/5

(This rating is based on the year & genre, so don't think it's based as a comparison on new releases etc.)

Reviewed by: hokazak
Date: 12/09/1999

Amusing comedy that mixes elements of the "Police Academy" series, "Private School For Girls" and the HK Girls-with-Guns police movies. It's about the misadventures of a diverse squad of women cadets in the RHKP academy, led by strict instructors Sibelle Hu and Cynthia Rothrock. There is a bit of rivalry and romance between the women cadets and the men at the neighboring police academy for men, and in the end, as expected, they get involved in a "real" adventure.

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Here is a fast paced "Police Academy" style action-comedy.Policewoman Cynthia and her team are responsible for protecting a powerful and famous politician. Sibelle is a tough drill instructor assigned to form a "Top Squad." Meanwhile, the male S.W.A.T trainees in the camp have noticed their female counterparts. A martial arts tournament is staged between the two groups, with women coming out victorious. The initial conflicts are eventually resolved as the "Top Squad" and the S.W.A.T. team join forces to round up a gang of notorious thieves. Meanwhile, it is inevitable that romances develop.

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