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精裝追女仔之2 (1988)
The Romancing Star II

Reviewed by: jfierro
Date: 12/21/1999

Another gem from Wong Jing. This time, Andy Lau gets a job as aproduction assistant at a second-rate TV station (think ATV). When his two buddies witness a high-profile robbery, he seizes upon the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with them, not only raising himself through the ranks of the TV station, but making his buddies stars in the process. Pretty soon, the three of them are in charge of programming. You can imagine what fun Wong Jing has parodying the popular HK television serials of the day, not to mention the rivalry between ATV and TVB. It's Wong Jing at his out-of-control best. A definite must for anyone familiar with the HK television industry.