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小生夢驚魂 (1987)
Scared Stiff

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 08/15/2008
Summary: A little bit of everything

ITS one of those movies where you got no idea where its going, because the themes keep changing!! ITs like the other reviewers have said, it starts of as a sleazy comedy then it appears there maybe romance in the air then it turns to a murder mystery.

HEY the movie doesnt have to follow a single path and the movies mood goes off in different tangents. This may leave some viewers unsatisfied because it doesnt stick to a single theme.There are a few laughs in the first half but its the 2nd half that gets serious

Chow yun fat and Anita mui turn up in the 2nd half of the movie. Eric And Miu kiu wai are the leads.

The ending though, is over the top violent but at the same time i was quite impressed with the car stunts. Remember there is No such thing as CGI in 1987, and the stunt guy i reckon is lucky to not be hit by one of the cars, you have to see for yourself

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 03/08/2006
Summary: kid dreams thriller

david (michael miu) and halley (eric tsang) are friends who live together and, when david arrives home with a young lady, halley dresses up as a robot, so he can cop a look at her boobs after "accidentally" spilling coffee on her top. one day, the two find themselves caught up in the getaway of a bank robbery and a car crash which, ultimately, leaves david in a coma: brain dead, but physically fine. when a distraught halley begins screaming insults at him, the doctors notice that david is showing brain activity and, after a prolonged session of being verbally abused, he wakes from his coma.

now, with the gift of being able to go into people's consciousness, david begins research work with alice (emily chu) entering the minds of the psychotic. as romance begins to blossom between the two, alice uses her charms to keep david involved in the research, which is driving him a little mad. then, when someone tries to murder holley, david has to go into his mind to find the culprit and soon discovers that he too is in danger...

yep, sounds pretty normal and straight forward, doesn't it? it isn't. whilst watching 'scared stiff', you have next to no idea where the film is heading until it reaches its final act and everything suddenly falls into place. until this point, it could well be a collection of scenes from different films, stitched together by a nut case. i'm not quite sure if this approach to film-making counts as genius or insanity, probably the latter, but i know that i like the results...

this is a film that i often show to people, as an example of stream-of-consciousness, hong kong madness in all of its glory. and, it is a treat to watch. despite, well, because of the seemingly bizarre shifts in the narrative, the fact that there's plenty good of laughs and an ending which is quite spectacular, this is a highly entertaining piece of cinema. the three leads do a good job and small roles / cameos for anita mui, chow yun-fat, yuen wah, wu ma, sandra ng and billy ching are all very welcome.

an oddball favourite.

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 03/02/2006
Summary: 7/10 - just go with the flow

The Hong Kong Film Awards should really include a category for "most random" film each year. A strong contender for the title in 1987 would definitely have been SCARED STIFF. The film munges chasing girls comedy, murder-thriller and parapsychology as if the scripts to three different films had got mixed together and the producers just decided to go with it. You also get to see Wu Ma as a vampire hunter and Eric Tsang as a robot... and why not!

Note that Chow Yun-Fat is NOT the star of the film, whatever various DVD sleeves would like you to believe. Miu Kiu Wai and Eric Tsang are the main stars, with Chow having a sizeable part in the last half of the film.

The plot... well, Miu and Eric are good buddies who share some kind of telepathic connection. Miu is a bit of lady's man and Eric wishes he was - luckily his buddy is happy to share some of his luck through some imaginative schemes. After witnessing a robbery, Miu nearly dies but Wu Fung recognises his abnormal brain waves and wants to do some research on him. Romance blossoms with research assistant Emily Chu. Meanwhile, Eric identifies one of the robbers to the police, which leads to trouble when his buddies come for revenge. Note: that's me making sense of the film, and doesn't really do the actual on-screen events justice.

The film definitely scores marks for being interesting and is pretty entertaining, though you have to be warm to the peculiar charms of HK cinema in the 80's to enjoy it - to just go with the flow and see what happens without thinking too deeply about any of it, or expecting any sort of insight into the human condition.

There's a little bit of action in the film, mostly not particularly interesting until the final act, which is very bloody and quite mad!

Reviewer Score: 7