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警賊兄弟 (1986)

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 09/18/2003
Summary: Average all the way

Caper has an interesting premise, but is let down by a nondescript execution. The plot tells the story of two Vietnamese children who are seperated while escaping to Hong Kong during the Vietnam War. Fifteen years later, one of them (K.K. Cheung) is a police cadet, while the other (Stephen Ho) is a thief, and both of them have psychic abilities which they use in their professions. Their worlds reunite after Stephen becomes interested in a family which has a set of valuable diamonds stashed in their house.

The main problem with this movie is that it just feels generic. There's nothing horribly wrong with it, but there's nothing particularly exciting either. While there is a good deal of action and comedy, neither is done well enough to elicit any true enjoyment from the viewer, and the whole film seems a bit flat as a result. I'm not really sure what, if anything, could be done to liven up the proceedings -- perhaps some bloodshed. But one gets the feeling that even if this was a Category III romp, it would still be a bit boring given the stunningly B-list cast and crew.

Reviewed by: ButterflyMurders
Date: 02/09/2002

A mildly interesting mid-80s film about two Vietmanese brothers, who are separated as they make their way to Hong Kong. Years later, as adults, they are reunited, but on the opposite sides of the law-one is a police cadet, the other is a career criminal. There is a twist to this otherwise generic story. The brothers both have a psychic gift, triggered by light shining into their eyes.

The acting and production values are generally decent. I found the scene where the brothers are finally reunited unintentionally hilarious-a smashed up car hops after a person with a broken leg, bwahah!

Uh, well I guess it has to be viewed to be fully appreciated :)

This is not a bad film, although rather predictable. 6.5/10