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俾鬼捉 (1986)
The Ghost Snatchers

Reviewed by: JUlibas
Date: 10/14/2003
Summary: Weird ghost film starring Jing Wong.

Jing Wong (Writer, Director) stars in this comedy/ghost film as a office worker who finds out that the office building that he works in his slowly being inhabited by some very angry ghosts. Joey Wong co-stars as his girlfriend and Joyce Godenzi co-stars as a ghostbuster who tries to rid the building of it's evil spirits.

The ghosts turn out to be angry japanese
soldiers who died on the site of the building. They're come back to seek revenge by terrorizing thoses that reside in the area (the print I saw had no subs).

Highly enjoyable film. Movies like these are why I love the H.K. Cinema so much.