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代客泊車 (1986)
Parking Service

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/13/2003
Summary: Pleasant

An enjoyable little buddy film. Danny Lee is famous for a couple of buddy films with Chow Yun Fat, but this one is quite different. Though the two guys are as interested as anyone in HK in getting rich, they are really a bit more laidback than many. This is underlined when the boys come into possession of a very large amount of cash - the story becomes a bit of a modern fable as this point.

There's a car chase near the end, of course, and the film slips into being very silly. Oddly, this is perhaps the dullest part of the film.

Parkman's character (called Parkman) spends much time chasing a snooty rich man's moll, but is kept realistic by Piggy.

Certainly no classic, but worth watching.

Reviewer Score: 7