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開心三響砲 (1985)
Funny Triple

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 03/31/2008
Summary: daft fun and pimping...

eric tsang and anthony chan star as woodpecker and goldfinger; two cops who joke through their days, whilst trying to pursue gi-gi (the new girl at the station) and trying to bust fredman (their friendly neighbourhood pimp).

a daft, but very enjoyable slice of mid-eighties fun. it also features one of the best worst fights i've seen, between tsang and chan.

good stuff...

Reviewed by: Chinoco
Date: 08/02/2006
Summary: Simple, Silly, But Good

I bought this movie because I am on a mission to see all of Eric Tsang's movies! Anyway I was very surprised and impressed by this little known film. It really caught me off guard, and it seems that I had forgotten just how good HK movies could be back in the 80's. There is a lot of "Lucky Stars" type slapstick comedy, which I happen to love. There are also a few really good action scenes thrown in there. It even appears that Eric Tsang and Anthony Chan did there own stunts. Knowing that Tsang broke into the movie business as a stuntman, I guess this shouldn't be all that surprising.

Although the plot is not the strong point of the film, it involves two cops: Woodpecker (Tsang), and Goldfinger (Chan), who are given a mission to hunt down a fugitive mob boss originally named "Mr. Big". For most of the movie however, they ignore this mission and spend there time goofing around, chasing women, drinking, and playing pranks on their fellow officers. The only lead to Mr. Big is a pimp named Fredman played by Nat Chan. Chan really adds some life to this film, and his chemistry with Tsang is great. Tsang and his partner spend the first half of the film trying to get info out of Fredman, and the other half actually hanging out with him. Finally they do "stumble" upon Mr. Big and his gang (because as mentioned, they really aren't going out of their way to find him), and they movie ends with a cool action sequence.

This movie isn't PC at all, and because of this I found it to be a welcome change. The film is filled with goofy bits and classic Eric Tsang moments such as: Tsang and his partner pretending to be Japanese to pick up girls, taking a woman with no manners to a fine restaurant, pretending to be a pimp, and planting tea bags as "drugs" on suspects. Another favorite scene has Mr. Big taking Fredman as a hostage. Woodpecker and Goldfinger don't even blink and immediately open fire on the pair of them!

Funny Triple also features possibly the wimpiest fight ever filmed. When Woodpecker and Goldfinger go after the same female cop; they challenge each other to a fight, and spend about three minutes slapping and tripping all over each other- a true classic scene.

The comedy in this film was great, and the few action scenes and car chases are top notch as well. One warning- the Fortune Star DVD version that I saw had probably the worst spelled English subtitles that I have ever seen. Lines such as "You Baster" actually added to the comedy however! I found this to be a very funny film that didn't take it self too seriously. Good lighthearted fun!

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: cpardo
Date: 04/08/2006
Summary: Typical but funny 80's cop comedy

Eric Tsang and Anthony play Woodpecker and Goldfinger, two bungling cops trying to find dirt on big time crook Mr. Big to bring him to justice. They try to put pressure on one of his associates, a cocky pimp named Fredman, who has ties to Mr. Big's wife. In the meantime, a teasing and pretty co-worker Gigi comes between the two cops and when Goldfinger hooks up with her, fighting and misunderstanding ensues. When Fredman is captured by Mr. Big's thugs, it's the duo's chance to catch them all.

Even in a B HK movie such as this, there's still plenty to like about it. The chase and action scenes are so well paced and edited you can't help but enjoy it. The middle section kind of bogs down to more comedy and a romantic angle, that is until the explosive ending. Nat Chan as a pimp is an interesting character choice--usually he plays the everyday loser/good guy. Chan and Tsang go well together as well. That makes the film kind of like "Young Pom Pom," don't you think? Very similar feel. It's strange I never heard of any of the actresses in the film. Could they not get a big name or was everyone busy? Anyway, for 80's HK fun and action, Funny Triple is a good afternoon movie.

Reviewer Score: 6