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大小不良 (1984)
Double Trouble

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 08/25/2006
Summary: almost, but not quite family fare...

eric tsang directs this slightly odd comedy. john shum is yau; he's also merlin the magican, but that's slightly less important. bun bun (sui bun bun, that big eyed kid from 'magic crystal') is an orphan, who likes sneaking away from the orphanage and getting up to mischief. one day, he stumbles across merlin the magican's act and witnesses his assistant (sylvia chang) stealing from an audience member; he tries to get a cut from her, she's having none of it and bun bun calls the police.

the assistant is merlin's, or should i say yau's, sister, who's been running up some huge gambling debts and ends up in jail after. yau attempts to rob a pawn shop to pay off her debts, now the collectors are knocking on his door. unfortunately things go wrong and he ends up running away from the police. by coincidence, he runs into bun bun; who helps him escape, in return for taking him in. so starts a strange relationship and a mini crime spree...

this is quite an odd premise for a film; but it kind of works in the usual way that hong kong cinema manages to pull off more unconventional plot arcs. it's pretty funny at times, it's also moving in places and there's something about john shum, that makes yau very likable.