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自古英雄出少年 (1983)
Young Heroes

Reviewed by: goldenshaw
Date: 06/20/2004
Summary: lots of good action

This is a kung fu movie from china, The story is about a group of young children (boys & girls) with a couple of adults,who together with a group of chinese opera performer and some villagers were attack by a group of bad guys,The children manage to escape with the help of an old woman who happens to be their master but some of their colleague were captured and was jailed, During their journey the bad guys came after them and caught up w/ them, fortunately all of them knew kung fu and this is were the fighting starts, the children together w/ their master fought off the bad guys but the bad guys proves to be much stronger and they got beaten in the process,luckily they manage to escape but unfrtunately their master was killed, They managed to regroup w/ some help coming from their adult colleague and together they came to rescue their captured comrades, and during the rescue lots of fighting have erupted,in those scenes you will witness first hand kung fu because all of the actors and actress here in this movie are real wu shu artist, they were able to show their real martial arts skills, including all the stunts and acrobatics move, overall a good kung fu movie for avid fans and collectors.