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橫掃魚蛋檔 (1982)

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 08/30/2002
Summary: Episodic nonsense

Yet another example of a poor script with a rough outline which looks like it has been filled in with a bunch of short stories. Although it's fairly clear that the main characters are played by the top two actors, things wander around all over the place, perhaps in an attempt to give everyone a go.

There's a bit of everything here. Lots of action, mainly kicking, especially in the last half hour which is one long fight scene. Plenty of nasty types. Two scenes of brief full frontal nudity around the 42 to 45 minute mark. Even a little romance, as our hero and heroine get better acquainted.

It's all pretty silly, but the terrific cast do make it watchable much of the time. I think it's a pity we had to wait more than half an hour for the great Kwan Hoi San and Carter Wong to appear, but most welcome they were. Bruce Lee's best friend Little Unicorn gets a go as a rather overweight lead thug.

Lai Hon Chi isn't a great lead actor, and he tends to be a bit of a loss. Lily Chan surprises, though. She shows that she can really fight here. She usually the one hanging around and looking pretty, often sans clothing (though all she manages here is a brief boob flash). Another actress, name unknown but probably Yeung something, is a terrific kicker, and gets to show off in the final scene. Wonder what happened to her ?

Overall, tolerable entertainment if you're bored.

Reviewer Score: 5