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_P (1982)
The Miracle Fighters

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 03/15/2009
Summary: Great Yuen clan fun...

The Miracle Fighters is a very enjoyable Yuen clan film that lives up everything their name entails. The whole family is involved in some capacity, even to the point of including patriarch Simon Yuen memorialized in his classic Drunken Master character at an altar. The comedy is broad, but well done for the most part. One of the best parts is a short fight that involves Yuen Yat-Choh in a "Dorf on Golf"-like getup adeptly fighting Yuen Shun-Yi. The fact that the Yuen's were even able to make the choreography of this fight look exciting is a tribute to their expertise. Another excellent scene is the entire sorceror competition and the tests that competitors must complete to advance. There are some very original (and wacky) concepts presented, but they are all exciting. The biggest revelation to me was seeing Leung Kar-Yan in a comedic role. Usually he's dealing someone a harsh beating, but in this he is really excellent as a cantankerous sorceror always bickering with this next door neighbor. Although it tends to drag just a little bit in some parts, The Miracle Fighters is a very entertaining movie. Any fan of the Yuens will not be disappointed.


Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: kiliansabre
Date: 12/03/2007
Summary: A strange entertaining fantasy

The Yuen Clan's fantasy fu adventure has some great moments. The plot is basically about a General who is double crossed and takes the young prince as a hostage with some tragic results. Years later he has trained an orphan (Yuen Yat-Choh) in martial arts, but is a miserable drunk. When an evil sorcerer (Yuen Shun-Yi) kidnaps the orphan and tries to pass him off as the prince, the orphan takes refuge with two quarreling sorcerer's who teach him some of their magic so that he can face off against the evil sorcerer in a competition.

This one is not so heavily laden with kung fu as some of Yuen Woo Ping's other films, and it is not done in any traditional fashion. Most of the fights have a fantasy element to them such as a fight with a strange man stuck in a pot and the use of a fake body to take people on (similar in fashion to Stephen Chow's Forbidden City Cop). That said, all the choreography is well done and exciting. I enjoyed this movie, though perhaps not as much so as the superior Shaolin Drunkard done in the same vein.

Interestingly Yuen Woo Ping's father Simon Yuen sort of appears post mortemly in a sense. His image is featured in a painting as the master of the two good sorcerers. Though he doesn't make a real appearance, the characters do interact a bit with the painting. This was no doubt done in memory of Simon Yuen as he passed away earlier in the year while making Magnificent Butcher.

If you are a Yuen Woo Ping fanatic you will appreciate some of the same elements here that you will see in his later films. A worthy entry into the supernatural martial arts genre.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 03/08/2006
Summary: old school fun...

a very entertaining slice of fun from yuen wo ping. there's some great set pieces - hand to hand, weapons and magic! - there's some funny sections and some cool ideas thoughout.

good stuff!

Reviewed by: RussHoughton
Date: 09/20/2003
Summary: Yuen Clan comedy.

Miracle Fighters is a sublime mix of madness and kung fu. How anyone can resist it's loony tunes style charm is beyond me.

Reviewed by: RLM
Date: 05/11/2001
Summary: Boring

Overall boring 80's martial arts period film. Iain Sinclair has it about right. Lord shu has a dead set agianst a hero called Kao. Kao escapes and raises a boy to manhood to make up for inadvertenly killing the Lord Shu's son. Mayhem follows with an assortment of sorcerers, jinks, and ninjas. I didin't find the humor funny and the film was slow in pace. No one who watched in our group gave it a thumbs up. The only redeeming value is the opening fight scene where a scorcer turns himself into a fighting jar (complete with legs and arms) and uses a paper-sword to fight Kao. I have to admit, that was over-the-top, even for HK films.

Reviewed by: Ash
Date: 02/04/2001
Summary: Good supernatural movie!

Miracle Fighters is another Yuen woo-Ping action movie, only this time, it is not only based on kung-fu but also on magic, sorcerers and a lot of humour. There are fight sequences, (but most of the action involves magic tricks (which are great)! The special effects are, surprisingly, awesome!! The end sequence, where all the sorcerers compete in a competition, is great! The story is good but standard but it is overall a good movie!..8/10

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 10/29/2000
Summary: Rather stylish

Much of the story drags on too much. As compared to most movies made in this time period (early 80's), the storyline has big flaws and not much of it makes sense. On the other hand, this is somewhat a big step out of the shaw bros sort of movies, with different music and more sophisticated action. Other than that, not much to see. [6/10]

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

A loyal general stands in the way of a plot to set up theRegent's young son as Emperor. The general escapes with the boy. The boy soon dies and the general adopts a young orphan. Despite the intervention of two quarrelsome magicians, the plotters find and kill the general, capture his young charge, and force the boy to play the role of the Regent's dead son. He escapes and seeks refuge with the magicians who teach him their skills so that he may eventually return to the court, overthrow the conspirators and avenge the general's death.

[Reviewed by Rim Films Catalog]

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Another offbeat magic/kung-fu indulgence from Yuen Wo-Ping and the mob. This time, two feuding "Taoist" magicians prepare a youngster for a showdown with Sorcerer Bat, who killed his adoptive father. As with other Yuen clan films of this kind, there are tacky costumes, unconvincing sets, astounding fight scenes, liberal doses of slapstick, and bizarre gadgets. This one certainly has a lot of contraptions: a pedal-powered massage chair, a feather "barometer", a homonculus-like baby (Brandy Yuen), masks, flying drills, and a fighting stick-man. (BTW, Lau Ka-Leung's resemblance to Quentin Tarantino in this movie is uncanny.)

[Reviewed by Iain Sinclair]