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ަ׺a (1979)
Butcher Wing

Reviewed by: heinz Germany
Date: 12/23/2006

Originaly reviewed by: silence (Date: 06/18/2004)aand moved to this place by me:

Young pork butcher Lam Sai Wing and his fishmonger friend run foul of some local thugs. A local doctor and martial artist (Wong Fei Hung by another name) trains them to fight and they take on the thugs' boss.

Lam Sai Wing was the most significant of Wong Fei Hung's students because it was through him, in later years, that tales of Wong Fei Hung came to wide attention, leading to his becoming the cultural icon that he is. Lam Sai Wing was also the martial arts grandmaster of kung fu movie performer and director Lau Kar Leung.

In this film, Wing (he is familiarly known as 'Pork Wing' in Chinese) gets to be the hero without Wong Fei Hung stealing the limelight. The character of Master Wong is renamed to reduce his dramatic importance. Indeed, a plot turn late in the film would have been inappropriate had the script featured Wong Fei Hung proper.

At time of writing, the only version of the film currently available on DVD is the Video Asia release (a double bill with Magnificent Kick, which also features the character of Pork Wing). This is sadly dubbed into English, with atrocious British voices, but with no other option you can live with it. The dubbed track is actually quite amusing in places, almost certainly playing up to the stereotype of bad dubbing of kung fu movies. How much of it is true to the original dialogue is subject to guesswork at the moment.

Lee Hoi-sang is the only major star presence, looking more than ever like a Chinese Christopher Lee in the role of main villain.

The film is generally quite entertaining, and is essential viewing for fans of the Wong Fei Hung series