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南北醉拳 (1979)
Dance of the Drunk Mantis

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 09/19/2016
Summary: The bar was set too high to reach...

Dance of the Drunk Mantis is the actual sequel to the original Jackie Chan film, but this time without Chan in the lead role. Hwang Jang-Lee is back, this time as “Rubber Legs,” and using a drunken mantis style that seems invincible until Foggy (Yuen Shun-Yi) is trained in the “sick fist” technique by a brother of the Sam Seed (Simon Yuen) iconic character.
It’s tough to follow a classic and an actor that would achieve legendary status, but Yuen Shun-Li just doesn’t have the charisma or ability that Chan has. He puts in a game effort, but the real stars are Hwang Jang-Lee and whoever doubled for Simon Yuen during their fights, which are innovative and exciting. Corey Yuen is also excellent in his brief fight and clearly was as skilled as anyone doing fight work at that time. The movie tends to drag a bit in some of the comedic parts, but in the end is enjoyable. Just don’t expect a movie that is at the level of the original Drunken Master.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: adamas85
Date: 02/08/2007

A great sequel to the original Drunken Master movie. Probably the most creative action choreography I've ever seen in a old school kung fu flick. With the team of Corey Yuen, lead actor Yuen Shun-Yi, Brandy Yuen and Chin Yuet-Sang! I just loved all the training scenes, even the training scenes where Sam the Seed was just using Foggy. I loved the kung fu styles in the movie "Sick Fist", it was very creative and it worked out pretty well in the movie.

If Jackie Chan starred in this movie it would have been a glorious Kung Fu Trilogy with Yuen Woo-Ping and Jackie Chan. Sorta like the Kung Fu version of John Woo and Chow Yun-Fat series of heroic bloodshed flicks.

Notable appearances, Brandy Yuen makes a cameo at the start of the movie as a Sam the Seed imposter and Dean Shek appears as a singing, dancing and very annoying banker. Linda Lin appears as Sam's wife, Chin Yuet-Sang appears as a debt collector and Yen Shi-Kwan as Sam's brother.

Final thoughts, even as a sequel it's still fresh and surprisingly cool. Enjoy!

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 06/17/2005
Summary: 4/10

I've never quite understood why Drunken Master is rated as an all-time classic, but I can see why this follow-up from the following year *isn't*. The story is virtually non-existant, basically a lazy re-arrangement of Drunken Master, and it seems like it was of very minor concern to the film-makers anyway. It basically strings together some fight and training sequences that do show some imaginative choreography, but with nothing like the intensity that Jackie Chan brought to the earlier film. Yuen Shun Yi is actively annoying in the student role, and Simon Yuen doesn't do much except reprise his role as Beggar So. Hwang Jang Lee and Cory Yuen seem to be the only cast members who make much of an effort with their characters.

Worth watching if you literally never tire of acrobatic kung fu and comedic choreography, but definitely one for the devoted only.

Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: magic-8
Date: 08/18/2004
Summary: Good Fun

Simon Yuen Siu Tin reprises his role as Beggar So in "Dance of the Drunk Mantis," the sequel to the previous year's "Drunken Master." Again directed by Yuen Woo Ping, Beggar So is the focus in this film. Hwang Jang Lee returns as Rubber Legs, out to avenge the death of his brother (Hwang played the brother, Thunderfoot, in "Drunken Master").

This time out, Yuen Shun-Yi is the protagonist. He is introduced to Beggar So by his wife, Linda Lin Ying, as their adopted son, Foggy. Beggar So takes an immediate disliking to his adopted son and berates him mercilessly. Yuen Shun-Yi runs away and finds solace with Yen Shi-Kwan, the master of the sickness fist. The Sick Master teaches Yuen the four ills toward learning the sickness fist. Yuen intervenes in a fight between Beggar So and Rubber Legs and is able to save his adopted father from being pummeled. The final confrontation falls to Yuen against Hwang.

"Dance of the Drunk Mantis" is another solid effort by Yuen Woo Ping and crew. It doesn't have Jackie Chan's rising star power, but Yuen Shun-Yi does his best to carry the film. What the flick does have is the exemplar choreography by Yuen Woo Ping and Yuen Shun-Yi. The detailed choreography is a delight to watch and the martial arts that Yuen Woo Ping creates are quite funny and interesting, such as the chicken peck or the duck stance, and of course, the sickness fist. There are moments when the distraction is in identifying Simon Yuen from his stunt doubles during the fight scenes.

"Dance of the Drunk Mantis" is a must for anybody's Drunken Master catalogue, as it is the true sequel to "Drunken Master." "Drunken Master 2" wouldn't hit the screens for another 15 years. Simon Yuen shines as the definitive Beggar So in this picaresque role, while Linda Lin provides a demonstration of some lithe and nimble martial arts that will have you doing a double take as to how limber she is in this film.

Reviewed by: Cissi
Date: 06/17/2001
Summary: 6/10 Decent kung fu

I didn't watch all of this-I saw this on satellite and missed the intro, while the other parts I skipped were intentional :)

Great kung-fu, esp. the lady who played Sam Seed's wife. I assume that was Linda Lin, since she's the only female listed, and she is excellent with the sword. Yuen Sun Yi also gave a great demostration on the art of drunken boxing. The only problem I had with the film was it couldn't actually engage me, with some not-very-interesting dialogue, and a lot of the fight scenes had a demostration feel to it. So it felt like watching a demostration video on drunken boxing. Still, a kung-fu affenciando may enjoy it more than I did.

Reviewed by: SBates
Date: 01/20/2001
Summary: Sequel to DRUNKEN MASTER

This is a proper sequel to Drunken Master. Rubberlegs' brother (again Wong Jing Lee)comes to avenge him, a master of both drunken and mantis styles. Old Sam Seed (Simon Yuen) and his doofy pupil (Yuen Sun Yi) seek out a guy who knows Sickness kung fu (Yen Si Kuan ?)to help beat ol' Rubberlegs 2.
The fighting was great, the mise en scene was classic Seasonal Films, but...
I couldn't really get into it. Same thing with LEGEND OF A FIGHTER, RING OF DEATH, LACKEY AND LADY TIGER.....The formula doesn't work unless there's a nice chemistry between teacher, pupil and the bad guy. It's OK, but it ain't EAGLE's SHADOW. **