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六合千手 (1979)
Duel of the 7 Tigers

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 10/14/2005
Summary: Very well made........

The choreography and editing is slow, typical of the late 70's non New Wave kung fu movies, but the shapes and long fighting edits bring out the actors' fighting skills and a certain authenticity to this movie. Philip Ko is outstanding as the villain, and the movie is full of real martial artists, as introduced in the beginning of the movie. Very well made. ****/*****

Reviewed by: SBates
Date: 03/06/2001

This old school kung fu flick has a great gimmick. Philip Ko plays the Japanese master of Tang Sau Do karate , which, in the prologue, is explained as being descended from a renegade Shaolin monk. He's on the warpath in China, challenging and beating the various kungfu schools in China. A collective of fighters, led by Han Ying Chieh, Yang Pan Pan, and a big-nosed guy who's name escapes me, go about assembling a team of masters to defeat the karate fighter. However, even all the masters together can't beat Philip Ko. All get injured except one (Cliff Lok) in their duel with Ko. The injured masters then teach their skills to Cliff, making him a walking catalog of kung fu styles. He summarily whips the cocky Philip Ko.
This film has it all: triumphant training sequences, a colossal opening sequence, and lots of stylish kung fu fights. A good Saturday afternoon kung fu film.