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廣東十虎 (1978)
Ten Tigers of Shaolin

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 09/08/2001
Summary: Choppy

... in both senses. The plot is really stupid and the non-action sequences very dull.

So what, I hear you say. Standard line for a chop sockey. Well, the action scenes are technically well done but, apart from the final sequence, not very involving.

A surprise is the nude scene. Bruce Leung's character is tricked into going to a deserted house where he thinks he's rescuing the kidnapped wife of a compatriot. The woman (unknown actress) is a ring-in, and stark naked, she runs around that way for about a minute. I certainly wasn't expecting full frontal in a film like this.

The final fight scene is always worth attention in HK action films, but this one is remarkable, if only for its length. The final half-hour is non-stop action, and nearly the whole cast gets a go. Again, technically impressive, but it isn't until half-way through that it warms up to become involving.

I'd heard good reports about this film, and am therefore disappointed. There is basically no direction except in the fight scenes, and the choreographer seems to be running the show. Still, not a bad showcase for a large number of normally-support actors.

Reviewer Score: 5