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撈家撈女撈上撈 (1978)
Edge of Fury

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 09/07/2001
Summary: Pretty dull

This is a cast of actors who don't usually disappoint. Kurata-san as a baddie is usually a good sign. Mai Suet has done some pretty good action flicks. And the rarely seen Dana being bitchy should be a big plus. And, of course, there's Tommy Lee as a sleazy henchman action chor as well.

But EOF suffers from a really silly script and poor pacing. There just isn't enough action often enough. A couple of the fights are quite well done, especially the waterfront one, but a much better job could be expected.

However, there are things to watch for. Dana in a full frontal flash, for one. This pouting cutie playing a rich bitch gets a nightgown whipped off, showing a lack of underwear, about 45 minutes in. Keep the pause button handy. She also opens her dress to give her on-screen husband a leisurely titty flash at about 70 minutes.

Cast note - Wai Lit is listed high in the credits, but I didn't spot him.

Don't be in too much of a hurry to watch EOF.

Reviewer Score: 4